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4 reasons to choose Windows Phone over IOS & Android


4 reasons to choose Windows Phone over IOS & Android

You look for a new smartphoneDo not know what to choose? Your attention to the four main reasons why you should choose Windows Phone! Generally, the reasons to choose Windows Phone much more, but we have gathered here only the 4 most important.

1. Personalization – this smartphone is not created for all of us, it was created for each of us.

By purchasing this smartphone, it will become part of your personality. All this is due to the fact that you can personalize it and make it truly unique. Attach to the home table everything that pleases you – links to websites, radio Pandora, quick access to a particular mode of a game, email boxes and thousands of other options. Live tiles will keep the information on the home screen and display on your screen the most important thing. Get information without having to run the application!

Like something – attach it to the home screen! Your favorite things can be attached to the home screen for quick access.

Hubs – your personal collection. Every smartphone comes with “hubs” – a special place where all your social networking, photos, games, music and videos. All in one place. Fast, convenient and, of course, the same beautiful.

Personalize to suit your mood. In Windows Phone, you can choose one of 20 themes to accent tiles. You can change the color as often as your mood changes. The smartphone will become a mirror of your mood. The tiles can be moved and scaled – no operating system can not boast that.

2. Best camera in the world – more than your eyes see.

If you love taking pictures, then you just have to choose Windows Phone. For it is on this platform works revolutionary cameraphone – Nokia Lumia 1020. It shows better performance in the shooting in the dark, the best detail, the best solution. In addition, Windows Phone offers thousands of tools for processing images. Did fotoshedevr – share it at Instagram or other social networks, customers who have in the store.You also can not be afraid that the photos will be lost – Windows Phone has a function to automatically download images in SkyDrive.

Fotoprilozheniya – With such wonderful applications like Instagram, Path, Camera360, Photosynth and others, you can improve and to style your photos. It is very easy and entertaining. Share this image with others – let friends appreciate your photography skills.

Do not miss a moment – your phone is always ready to shoot. Even when the screen is locked. Just press the camera key and within half a second, you can shoot. No moment of your life will not be missed.

Share photos has not been so easy – you do not need to run the application to publish the photo. You can do it directly from the camera or gallery. Just click “Share” and instantly umchitsya photo to your friends.

3. Photograph, work, share, play.

Whatever you do and wherever you are, all your desired content is available between all your devices – Xbox, tablet, PC, Windows Phone. SkyDrive cloud save all your photos, videos, files, and documents. All you need is always at hand. On any device, anywhere in the world.

Proprietary applications – every Windows Phone applications built on Microsoft – Xbox, Office and SkyDrive. So wherever you are, the best and most functional applications and services from Microsoft is always with you!

Your place in the cloud – Microsoft gives each user Windows Phone 7 GB of free storage in SkyDrive. You can store everything that you wish. If you wish, you can extend the storage capacity for a small fee.

Office Hub – make a document on a tablet or PC, sync to the cloud and continue editing on the phone.Full Office with full support for all modern formats is available at any time in your smartphone.

Bing Search – simply tap the search button and start Bing Search. It is a powerful tool that will help you navigate the unfamiliar place, tell what kind of music is playing near you, and help to scan QR-code. Of course, it’s not all the features of Bing Search.

Xbox in your pocket. Millions of songs, thousands of games. All with you. Windows Phone – the only smartphone that is able to work with the services of Xbox. Big set of games that will help you pass the time, your avatar and achievements Xbox, all synchronized between your smartphone, tablet and Xbox.

4. Application on Windows Phone alive.

Only on Windows Phone application is designed so that you can see important information right on your home screen. Attach the tiles to the home screen and it will display the necessary information – news headlines, weather, incoming message, missed call and hundreds of thousands of other options. Tile updated in real time, so you constantly get up to date and fresh information.

Do you still doubt in choosing a smartphone?

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