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5 Android N features that are already available on Windows 10 mobile


5 Android N features that are already available on Windows 10 mobile

Yesterday, google has released android N preview for developers. The preview includes 5 new features which will be available for android N when its released for public. surprisingly all these 5 features are already available on windows 10 mobile builds for quite some time now. There are lots of talk about windows phone lacking features, but frankly speaking windows mobile has more features than an average android user can even think of.

Here are the 5 features from android N thats already on windows:

1. Direct Reply: This feature allows you to directly reply to messages from notification center or action center without having to open the app. But Windows 10 Mobile already allows to reply to messages & notifications directly for all the supported apps.

2. Bundled Notifications: Bundled or group notification is a new feature that groups the app notifications based on the app. In windows 10 mobile notifications are already grouped by app. it also allows you to clear notifications by group.

3. Data Saver: This is a important feature that minimizes your data usage and reduce the costs of 3g by downloading only what is needed. Windows 10 mobile already has a Data Saver feature which allows you to keep track of your data consumption. On windows you can also limit the max data usage allowed.

4. In-Built DPI Settings: This is one of those features that has eluded mobile users for years. finally android N is supposed to get it. But Windows 10 Mobile has been allowing users allows to change DPI settings since the first launch of windows 10 preview for mobile.

5. Dark Theme: Dark/Black theme has been included in Android N. But Dark theme has been a part of Windows Phoen since the days of Windows 7.

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  1. sdlfjsdlfkjsdlkfsjdf

    Here’s something Android N has that Windows 10 Mobile doesn’t have: Actual apps

    • Apps? Those crappy android apps? And a store full of spam apps? Windows users certainly dont need them. And to be frank a average windows users has more apps on phone than a android user on any given day. On android can u even install 20+ apps and keep the phone lag free?

  2. endless waiter for windows 10 mobile

    yeah, windows 10 have them, but who has windows 10 mobile? 3% of the windows phone users? and the majority are insiders. android n feels like comming out to the masses before windows 10 mobile ;)

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