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[WP8] MoliPlayer Pro v1.3.2.17 – Windows Phone Xap

moliMoliPlayer Pro v1.3.2.17 – Windows Phone Xap

Wp8 & 8.1 Cracked Xap

If you enjoy watching videos on your Windows Phone, but can’t stand the hassle of“transcoding”videos, MoliPlayer Pro is the right app for you. MoliPlayer Pro works around another Windows Phone limitation and basically plays “anything you throw at it”, MOV, RMVB, AVI, WMV, MP4, MKV…you name it.



Video Preview:

Fully optimized for the dual-core Cortex A9 CPU and the powerful WP8 rendering engine, MoliPlayer Pro is capable of playing high-definition 720p RMVB, and even 1080p MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV videos smoothly and hassle-free. It saves up to 30% power on selected formats to help your WP8 device’s battery last longer.

MoliPlayer Pro’s file management tool enables file transfer to your mobile device in WiFi mode. You can choose to watch your favorite scene in slow motion (1/10x)or glide through a course at 4 times the normal speed(4x) (to be available in the next release). All are just a couple of touches away with MoliPlayer Pro.

Key features:

1. Plays almost all VIDEO formats: avi, mkv, mp4, h.264, rmvb, wmv, flv, ts, m2ts, and vob. etc.

2.Plays almost all MUSIC formats: aac, mp3, ape, flac, and ogg etc.

3. Plays, with hardware decoding, HI-DEF (720p/1080) videos of certain file containers not native to WP8: mkv, m2ts and flv etc.

4. MANAGES videos in folders and sub-folders 5. Easy wireless video transfer from your PC browser in WiFi network.

 Windows Market

Download Xap  : MoliPlayer Pro v1.3.2.17 – Windows Phone Xap 

Download Xap  : MoliPlayer Pro v1.3.2.17 – Windows Phone Xap

Download Xap  : MoliPlayer Pro v1.3.2.15 – Windows Phone Xap (Works on all)

Having Problems with Xap or Appx Deployment? Please go through the Beginners Guide.
PS : Always buy genuine apps & games to support the developers. Please dont use patches unless you cant afford to buy it or if apps are not supported for your region. 

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  1. does not work on lumia 640 xl. i get xap file is invalid when i try to deploy.

    • guys those are having probs wid file detection download xap from this site v1.3.2.17 http://www5.zippyshare.com/v/Jaezb6Rl/file.html
      remove ur SDCARD
      deploy using wp powertools or deployment application (sdk) and move it back to sdcard and in app settings select ‘camera roll on SD card ‘for change folder for WIFI transfer and change video cache location to’SD card’ . now the app works fine and detects all the media files..

  2. works fine in lumia 520 8.1……thanks again windowsphonehub

  3. when i click on refresh in the camera folder, moliplayer was crashed.
    i tray – – but my problem not solved.
    can anyone help me???

    (lumia 920.official denim update)

  4. Sir I am zakir from Kashmir!
    I have a low speed internet connection. I am the owner of nokia Lumia 630 duel sim and I have developer unlocked with Chinese tool. I am able to deploy moliplayer pro(downloaded from ur site) using xap deployed 2.0 and also with wppt but I am not able to deploy idm[LZ] and pocket file manager.

    Both these apps are giving me error like in xap deployer it is saying “install failed: Contact ur software vendour” and in wppt is saying “Microsoft.smartconnectivity…..” Error.

    Sir I need these two apps badly so I kindly request ur self to help me solve this problem.

    Sorry for bad English!!!!

    Please reply immediately.

  5. Guys… i’ve found a way to open play videos in moli player but its rather troublesome…. so for those who wanna try:
    1) connect ur phone and pc in a same wifi
    2) open moli player
    3) choose more then choose settings
    4) swipe down and find \change folder for wifi transfer\ and choose \camera roll on SD card\
    5) press back one time to go back to the previous screen and choose \wifi transfer\
    6) enter the ip given in ur pc’s web browser
    7) choose a file and upload ur files in ur pc’s web browser (can also upload subtitle files)
    8) sometimes upload may fail but just take some time and choose the file and upload again
    9) after upload finish swipe back to moli player main screen and choose \all videos\
    10) if u saw ur desired video then congrats! if not, just connect ur phone to pc and navigate to camera roll in SD card directory and delete it then repeat from step 2 again.

    If everything is working fine but u don’t want ur videos and subtitle files in camera roll in SD card folder:
    1) in moli player main screen, choose folders
    2) choose camera roll and select the videos u want to move then press on the 3 dots at the right bottom side of the screen to expand the selections then choose on \move to\ then press \ SD card\
    3) ur videos will be moved to the videos folder in ur SD card

    Why don’t just choose SD card in \change folder for wifi transfer\ in the settings? because it will save in the very outside of ur SD card with the system files not in the videos folder.

    As i’m using the Files app which is officially from microsoft, when i wanted to play videos file other than mp4 and wmv, windows will automatically open the video using moli player, but mp4 and wmv files will be open in xbox video app. So, just simply copy and paste via usb for files other than mp4 and wmv to the videos folder in SD card, and if u want to play mp4 and wmv files in moli player, use the methods above.

    I generally use wifi transfer on every video file because moli player won’t automatically detect the video and i need to wait for a long time for the video to play when i open the video in Files app.

    Hope this helps u all and i know that some of u already know this. If u have a better method, please do teach/tell me.

    Sorry for my bad english XP

  6. please fix link Xap(modified new) : MoliPlayerPro v1.3.2.14 – Windows Phone Xap

  7. Not working on Lumia 920, moliplayer is not showing any videos.. but if I install an official app from wp store, it works.. Anybody ?

    • install a file manager app (eg. pocket file manager or the official app from microsoft)… navigate to your video file in the file manager app and open ur video there……but it will use the default video player if you plays mp4 file…. rmvb, mkv and others which cannot be opened by the default video player will open using moliplayer

      • Don’t move moliplayer to sd card
        And it will show all mp4 or mkv files

        • There’s no sd card in nokia Lumia 920.. But still many are not able to open the videos in moliplayer… How to fix that..? Normally I go to file manager nd open the video of mkv format.. And then I choose moliplayer app to open d video.. But same cannot be applied to mp4 video. It directly opens in shitty Xbox video app… Pls help.

  8. how to let moliplayer play video files by default? cuz i also wanted to play mp4 files using moliplayer….. it always open mp4 files using xbox video app

  9. change region to china and download moliplayer free version not pro

  10. BTW.. Why it doesnt shows the subtitle(.srt) placed manually sd card/video folder…

    • Bro, what u need to do is name the srt file the exact same name as the video file. then, make sure that when the video plays, a tiny box at the top says SW, not HW. dunno what that is, but i discovered it accidentally.
      Hope it works ;-)

  11. it shows invalid xap. please fix it…….

  12. I don’t know why people rate it so high. I put about 500 flac files onto my phone, and this app crashes every now and then, and just plain stops on some flac files. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s annoying when I’m driving and the playback just stops.

  13. moliplayer cant access any files stored on phone storage on my wp 8.1….plzz admin tell me what to do

  14. update

  15. Good news to all…Wo upgraded with wp8.1
    Now You can Deploy Moliplayer Pro and Pocket file Manger cr@cked on developer unlocked phone…no need for interop unlock….
    I just tried on my wp8.1 and Thats working fine with all file access capabilities.
    enjoy wp 8.1

  16. New moded xap is not getting deployed..
    When i tried with WMA Xap deployed it displays a msg that there is a problem WMAappMenifiest.xml file
    And when i tried with SDK inbuilt Application Deployment : “it says that fails due to invalid assembly. Rebuild your source project”

  17. works fine on my Lumia 620, thanks a lot.

  18. does is still need interop unlock?

  19. \Download Xap(modified new) : MoliPlayerPro v1.3.2.14 – Windows Phone Xap\

    Do not install the Lumia 720. Fix this please.

  20. link for MoliPlayerPro v1.3.2.14 is dead

  21. I m not able to play any music or video files… i have already install pocket file manager … but i m not able to view any file …. any solution?

    • open pocket file manager and open folder in which your videos exist.
      TAP the video u want to play….
      select moliplayer….and play.
      thats it….simple.
      I removed sd card cap due to wp8 restrictions.

  22. i can try but the Current version Uploaded by Admin is Version=\\
    its not
    Admin pls check.
    pls provide unencrypted xap from here….so that i can try to make it for developer unlock.

  23. Now i have Moded Moliplayer again….and Now its working fine with Developer Unlocked Devices.
    Must read the instructions before using.
    peoples can Download from here:
    Link added above
    How to Use:
    1. Developer unlock your Mobile.
    2. install windows Power tools or xap deployer.
    3. deploy xap to your phone.
    4. open Moliplayer from phone….
    You can Not access SD card videos directly.
    5. To play any video…install pocket file Manager.
    6. Browse to video u want and open with moliplayer…
    8. it will take a second and catch the video to its local storage and play.
    9. Enjoy and play any video….
    10. After play, Go to all videos in Moliplayer and delete that…if u dont want to play that again…from catch.
    Admin pls Update your post….with My link and instructions…thanks.

    • Thanks for updating. Do u can mod Moli I can not deploy it.

    • I seem to be unable to get this to run.

      Unlocked my Phone with the WP SDK and used both the xap deployer 2.0 aswell as the windows power tools to try and deploy the app, both are returning error messages.
      I also tried with all the available releases you supplied above.
      Any ideas?

  24. Xap file error. pls upload again!

  25. Same Problem…
    A newer version is available on store, But i don’t why it’s not on WPhub yet !!

  26. deployed it to my phone using wpv xap deployer 2.0…it tells the process done…but nothing shows up in my phone..any help??

  27. file not available anymore, please re-upload

  28. admin pls try to patch this app

    it says \sorry cant download . you dont have permission to download this app\

  29. not work on my htc 8s :(

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