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[WP8.1+] Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.121.1.0 – Windows Phone Appx


Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.121.1.0 – Windows Phone Appx

Patched Appxbundle

Welcome to Minecraft: Pocket Edition! Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, infinite worlds, caves, new biomes, mobs, villages and lots more.


Craft create and explore anywhere in the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to burn. There’s never been a better time to enjoy Minecraft on the move.

Windows Phone Store

Download Appx: Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.121.1.0 – Appx (Kavi)

Download Appx: Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.121.0.0 – Appx (Red Devils Version)

Download Appx: Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.121.0.0 – Appx (Moiz’s Version)

Download Appx: Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.11.2.0 – Windows Phone Appx

Note : In game it shows wrong version as 11.1 but its fine

Download Appx: Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.11.1.0 – Windows Phone Appx

Download Appx: Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.10.4.40 – Windows Phone Appx

Having Problems with Xap or Appx Deployment? Please go through the Beginners Guide.
PS : Always buy genuine apps & games to support the developers. Please dont use patches unless you cant afford to buy it or if apps are not supported for your region. 

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  1. Moiz your version keeps crashing after playing for 20 seconds on lumia 640 and 820 windows 10 build 10536
    soft reset lets me play for another 20 seconds :D

  2. the game opens and then closes alone in Windows 10 build 10512 Why?


      It means that Windows 10 is incompatible with MC:PE. Try downgrading to Windows Phone 8.1. Haven’t tried yet, but it should work.

  3. Added another version from different patcher try that..but both the versions are working fine, tested on multiple devices

    • No, it doesn’t. It is working perfectly.
      Make sure you install it in phone memory. If it still doesn’t stop crashing follow these steps.

      – Uninstall Minecraft: PE
      – Perform a Soft-Reset on your device (Press and hold Power+Volume Down button simultaneously).
      – Deploy appxbundle again. Make sure to install it in system memory.

  4. It crashes when it starts up
    Version 0.12.1
    OS: Windows 10 Build 10162
    Lumia 630.
    I think it’s because of Windows 10.
    0.11 is working fine.
    Is anyone else experiencing Problems?

  5. The version 0.12.1 is the oficial?

  6. Please add the new version that came out today 0.12.1 *–*

  7. winphonehub please app v0.121.0.0

  8. it’s not

  9. Please update this app :)) it’s not

  10. al instalar la version 0.11.2 me aparece : ERROR:El parametro no es correcto
    que puedo hacer?

  11. Hey;
    All i have a problem about install appxbundle,
    How to fix that error?
    “error-the package does not contain the expected manifest file”

  12. 0.11 update now available

  13. Fix the error “install path not found in registry” download SDK 8.1 v1.20 with: http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/15281796/file.html

  14. Hello. What tool do you use to deploy appx from Windows 7 PC?
    I cannot deploy the appx but I can deploy XAP.
    Is there no XAP?

  15. Hey!
    It says: Ërror- Install path not found in registry”.
    What can i do?

  16. I have lumia 1020 and purchased mcpe is there anyway to add maps?

  17. To install
    You must have Windows 8.1 in your PC.
    You have Windows 8,you don’t install appx files.
    I have install and I have playing Minecraft in Lumia 530 :)

    • no need to be 8.1, or 8 …. i have w7 and i deploy too. there are some programs for that, just on windows 8 he have a self deployment prgoram

  18. I have Windows 8 64bit.
    Installed Visual Studio.
    And I click Deploy button.
    “error-parameter incorrect”
    Help me for solve this problem please.

    • same here bro please tell us how to fix this. i have the latest visual studio 2015. help us to solve this parameter is incorrect.

      • Make sure you are deploying it from a folder say “Downloads”, If it’s on your desktop then it won’t work due to High Privilege issues.

  19. Works great on L520 :)

  20. Tengo el sdk tools lite 1.2 todo bien instalado ,correctamente, pero cuando lo intento instalar Minecraft me dice Parámetro incorrecto, las demás aplicaciones me las instala bien ,pero en esta falla
    Mi sistema operativo es windows 7 32 bits eso tiene algo que ver??
    es mi sdk tools que esta mal? o es la app?

  21. it is appxbundle it cant install

  22. Error – The parameter is incorrect

  23. Seria melhor um arquivo em xap

  24. how can I install Appx file

    WindowsPhone power tools not supported Appx file

  25. How to fix this?
    I installed VisualStudio, and Sdk kit, but when i want to deploy appx i have an error.
    Error – The parameter is incorrect.
    Help please

  26. please add tutorial how to install in win 7

  27. How can i download it for free on windows phone with win 7?

  28. Bibilica Mihai Mustar

    Error – File name can be null
    Parameter name : sourceFileName
    how to fix that ?

  29. Bibilica Mihai Mustar

    Imi place in pula mea !

  30. Must i have win 8.1? i use 7 ultimate.

  31. It works… if you buy it :D

  32. I Got The WP8.1 Application Deployment + VS13 With Update 4 And I Got An Error -install path not found in registry- Please Help I really Wanna Play This Game

  33. For those who want to install Minecraft PE, you need to download SDK 8.1, then you need to download VS. Here is the link- http://winphonehub.org/?id=http%3A%2F%2Fdownload.microsoft.com%2Fdownload%2FD%2F3%2F6%2FD364752C-0A13-4C64-8E39-8CD04AD2C444%2FVS2013_RTM_WinExp_ENU.iso
    It is approximately 400 mb. Then extract the iso file ( I use 7-zip). After extracting, you will see a blue icon in the extracted folder. Run it and install the packages.
    Finally, you guys will be able to deploy appx files just like Minecraft PE. I hope it helps!! Thanks. ;)

  34. Must We Downloads The Mirror And The XAP? Cause I Downloaded The XAP And Found Out That It Need To Be Paid

  35. I meant it says an Error Parameter is incorrect.

    Why is that happening?

    What is the problem?

  36. It says an error. It says perimeter is incorrect.

    What is wrong with this problem?

  37. I get error ‘Error – The parameter is incorrect.’
    how to fix that ?

  38. Can’t Deploy
    It Said”There is an error in XML document (56, 16)”
    So what’s wrong with it

  39. Hi it is not working at all. At deploy show error: access to path ‘D\MSOCache denied. Using visual studio 2013 update 4, phone – lumia 520 wp8.1.

  40. who can’t you install appx?
    You should install vs 2013 and wp sdk 8.1 lite
    vs 2013 ( 407mb):http://download.microsoft.com/download/D/3/6/D364752C-0A13-4C64-8E39-8CD04AD2C444/VS2013_RTM_WinExp_ENU.iso

  41. have to install Visual Studio express 2013 update 4 , and now that I installed, managed to install the Riptide gp2 and minecraft *-*

  42. that there is now no insult but since you somehow poor? I bought that game for Pc since you can still sometimes spend 7 dollars or Euros ! and a small note you can play 512 MB ​​RAM to 1GB install easily with power tools top up your phone and it had to do work I had to make it 4 because some people do not got it out to have a 1GB Xap in Modern Combat to upload

    and the Chinese server because ye do that sometimes things are even slower than my pc 3 years ago xD

  43. Thanks admin its working awesome for me…i had to upgrade my pc to windows 8.1 for this…after installing wp sdk 8.1 lite and VS 2014 now i can deploy all appxbundle.

    Thanks alot you guys are supercool

    • What’s the size of VS 2014. Is there a lite version?
      Will VS 2015 preview work wphub. Please reply. I will be having trouble to download VS if its too large. Please reply.

    • Thank god a Positive comment, All we keep seeing is helpless poor souls trying to figure out why the Deployment doesn’t work xD. Id classify you as a lucky person.

  44. mine not working, it said
    Error – Install path not found in registry

  45. can we install the appx using wppt ??

  46. How to deploy .appxbundle file.

  47. how do i instal a patched appx. i try to instal it from local apps in the store and it askme to buy it.

  48. Error: install path not found in registry.

  49. Thanks , Installed and playing :)

  50. could I deploy appx on win 7 64bit?

  51. It won’t download.

    Please get another link!

  52. The download link fileshub.in won’t download the file…

    Please add another link or a mirror


  53. now I can install only with the windows phone deployment?

  54. Will it be in xap version?

  55. when i download from fileshub.in it downloads a htm file help plzz

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