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[WP8+] Asphalt 7 Heat Xap for Windows Phone (512 Ram + 1gb)

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  1. There is not 911Mb file version, only the 511mb file. Please upload again 1gb ram file version. Thanks.

    • yes no links are working for 1GB ram not even torrent link. Please give a proper link for 1GB ram version. Please i wanna Play Asphalt 7 : Heat on my Lumia 730.

  2. how to install split files?? :(

  3. hey i have downloaded this file and its in zip format….i cannot rename that file as xap…plsss help

  4. helo mr wphub im having a problem which is i perfect all stage but still i lack of 5 star >,< is this because its cracked or something i cant proceed to next cup because of lack of star

  5. Hey Sir, I downloaded it from third mirror and I found It a ZIP file not an XAP file. I cannot deploy it using my SDK. How to turn it to XAP file?

  6. hey what the username and password baiducup when I try to resume My download !

  7. Hey pliss fix it. All link is broken. I wanna try for my lumia 520. and pliss don’t upload on the 4shared I hate it

  8. Access blocked
    fix it plz!!

  9. The link is not working. Plz fix it.

  10. The link is not working, (download limit exceded)

  11. all link of this asphalt 7 is blocked plzzzzz fixed yaar cant download :(

  12. link in yandex is blocked,, fix it,,!!

  13. which file should i download mirror or xap file??

  14. hey guyz…… I’ve tried downloading this xap but the link’s dead

    so try this…this link is of windowsphonehub’s link:- http://www.4shared.com/get/Jq-NyySo/asphalt-7-heat-1000_Windowspho.html?sd=true

  15. dear sir,
    when i deploy i face a problem between deployment error dailog box shows that ” Installation of the application failed. Run time error has occurred. Fix the Capabilities in WMAppManifest.xml file.

    what should i do, because its 900mb file to download again if u suggest.

  16. thank u sir thank u so much for the 512mb version thank u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. admin when will cum out d valid asphalt xap file for lumia 920 ??

  18. Sir,I want to know that how can i deploy 1gn ram games on 512mb ram (L520) phone,because I can Download them with store using proxy,but they are trial versions.How can I do this?

  19. will u upload the 512mb version pls pls ???

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