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Audio Player – Windows Phone XAP

Audio Player Windows Phone APP XAP

Audio Player – Windows Phone XAP

Hi! This is why I’m using this app:
– Easy browsing the media library.
– Easy searching the media library.
– Easy and user friendly access to songs, albums, genres, etc.
– Creating shortcuts on the Start screen.
– Full support of the current Windows Theme.

Some hints:
– To search: when in any category (album, genre, artist, songs), scroll to the top of the list and after that scroll more up. A search textbox will appear! To hide a search textbox, simply scroll up one time. To cancel search results scroll up one more time!
– To add a group (category, album, genre, artist) to a Start Screen, simply tap on the title. The button with a shortcut icon will appear. Clicking the button will add a nice shortcut on your Start Screen.
– To find current playing song in the list, simply tap its title when on Now Playing tab. The list will scroll and find that song for you!

P.S. We got some downloads already!! I appreciate any feedback about bugs and ways to improve the app.

More awesome features are on the way! Thank you for using the app and again, enjoy!

Now $0.99 !!!

 Download Links: Audio Player – Windows Phone XAP

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