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Bouncy Mouse v1.1.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap


Bouncy Mouse v1.1.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap

Cracked Xap

All was good on Mouse Island until the thieving Captain Cat stole the Big Cheese! Help Bouncy Mouse get the Big Cheese back and restore peace to the world. It’s a big task for a little mouse!

Use his elastic tail to shoot, sling, and fly Bouncy Mouse through 46 beautiful levels in five exciting worlds. Avoid Spiky Bees, grab on to magic pegs, bounce off of Bumper Birds, and eat as much cheese as you can. It’s an epic adventure for all Mouse-kind!

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* Challenging physics-based gameplay!
* Punch the lights out of Captain Cat when you win!
* Unlock secrets by collecting 100% cheese in each level: customize your mouse!
* Can you get through each level without losing a heart?
* Delightful music in each world!
**NEW** Challenge mode – can you beat each level in a limited number of launches.
**NEW** Beat all the levels in World 5 to unlock the Pink Bouncy Mouse!

A brand new game like none you’ve seen before. So much cheese, so little time!

Windows Market

Download Link :  Bouncy Mouse v1.1.0.3 – Windows Phone Xap

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