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[Cheats] Cheat coins & Acheivements in Temple Run: Brave – Windows Phone 8


Cheat coins & Acheivements  in Temple Run: Brave – Windows Phone 8

If you are interested in playing with a standard set of tools in Temple Run: Brave, and gain coins long and painful, and can be a bit pochiterit pick up any number of coins, the desired level.

Important! game must be installed from our website and not from the shop! Get it here,Otherwise you will not be able to fill in the save file.

As always, we will need the following tools:

– Fixed the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 , a full or lite-version; 
– Fixed Windows Phone Power Tools ; 
– Work XAP-game  (not from Market and from the site);

User cheat coins in Temple Run: Brave:

1. Download the game from our site ; 
2. Install through Windows Phone Power Tools; 
3. Tab ” Isolated Storage “, get” Temple Run: Brave “and expand; 
4. Locate the file “__ApplicationSettings “, click” Get “, which put-anywhere; 
5. Open the file in a text editor “Notepad”, find the line ” CoinsCount: XXXX “, where XXXX – the number of coins; 
6. Replace XXXX value to any desired;

Practice has shown that it is enough one million coins to open all the elements and improve opportunities to the maximum level.

Unlock Acheivements –

If you want to cheat yourself to achieve , change the following line: “percentComplete”: 80.35233, “updated”: true “- 80.35233 – percentage achieving progress. Change it to 100 and your achievement.

Other options:

“BestScore”: 95370, – the best result for the game;

“BestCoinScore”: 561, – the best number dialed coins;

“BestDistanceScore”: 2009 – best distance;

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