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[Cheats] Cheat in-game Dollers in 2020: My Country for Windows Phone


Cheat in-game Dollers in 2020: My Country for Windows Phone

Cheat game dollars and kantribaksov in Game 2020: My Country for Windows Phone. With it, you can imagine how pleased nachiterit in-game currency in the game 2020: My Country on Windows Phone.


1. Download the game in XAP format from our website to link to  2020: My Country for Windows Phone .

2. Install it on your smartphone using the Windows Phone Power Tool. Be sure to put this particular program, otherwise you will not get access to isolated storage.

3. Start the game, if you have not already run and pass until there where kantribaksy, close game.

4. Connecting to the WPPT and go to the tab Isolated Storage .

5. Find the list of the game in 2020: My Country and tenderize it.

6. In the list we find the file save1.bin  and save to your computer by pressing GET .

7. Download the Internet in any HEX editor. We enjoyed the program WinHex.

8. Open the saved file in your editor save1.bin. Find a group of values ​​as in the screenshot. The first group is responsible for gaming dollars, the second – for kantribaksy.


9. Come up with as we want to cheat and open exchange of any DEC-> HEX converter, suitable even standard calculator (we clocked up 15 million dollars and 500,000 gaming kantribaksov further manipulation will all these numbers). Be careful not to twist the too much, otherwise you have when you start a window pops up that would be banned.

10. Translate number 15000000 in HEX, get  E4 E1 C0 . Overturn obtained by two letters from the end, we get C0 E1 E4 . Same with 500000: HEX value  20 7 A1 , inverted value 20 07 A1 . Entering the values ​​in HEX editor (see screenshot) and save the file.


12. Turning off the phone from the PC, go to the game and enjoy playing 15m dollars and 500 thousand in the game kantribaksov 2020: My Country for Windows Phone.

Download : save1


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