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[Cheats] Hack bananas and coins in Minion Rush for Windows Phone


Hack bananas and coins in Minion Rush for Windows Phone

If you suffer from great prices on in-game purchases in Despicable Me: Minion Rush, we offer you instructions on how to cheat coins and bananas in the game Minion Rush for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

What you will need:

  • Despicable Me: Minion Rush on Windows 8
  • Despicable Me: Minion Rush for Windows Phone 8/8.1, from the store. You can, of course use Cracked Xap, but we recommend you use a version of the store to leave a saved file for future updates.
  • Save files for the PC version.
  • Account Facebook.

You do not get screwed currency if you do not have a PC to Windows 8!

  1. Download Despicable Me: Minion Rush on Windows 8 (PC).
  2. Press Windows + R, in the Open box, type  % USERPROFILE% AppData Local Packages
  3. Locate the folder ” Gameloftsa.Despicablememinionrush “and open it.
  4. Copy all folders from ” Backup Tokens “in the archive.
  5. Go to Facebook in the game.
  6. Download Despicable Me: Minion Rush for Windows Phone.
  7. Go to Facebook in the game.
  8. Start the game and wait until the game synchronizes data from the cloud. When it asks what game save file to use, select the one with the sound around loans.
  9. Finish.

Although we offer users a way to cheat (cheating) games, we highly recommend not to do it, because such actions are killing interest in the game, not to mention the fact that the developers do not bring their earnings. All this is presented for experimentation and evaluation purposes.

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  1. Can someone give me a Facebook save pls with infinite tokkens because i can’t upgrade my PC to windows 8.1 then I can’t install minion rush :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'( then pls pls someone give me a save :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

  2. Please,help me! How to removed banned account!!!

    • hey guys i found a way and its working fine but the problem is u cant connect to net and u have to delete the savegame using isolated storage i found it and it works and it will reset so dont connect to net and play have fun

    • Hi guys. Is it possible to use this hack without windows phone because I dont have it?
      Thank you!

  3. hi! how to remove banned account :( ?

    • exactly!!! says you have made progress in suspicious mannerisms, so your account has been banned!
      any trick for unban like it was for asphalt 8?

    • for me the open box is saying make sure you typed the name correctly plese help can u make a video tutorial please

  4. Works like an charm.

  5. My account was banned I do?

  6. It is working for me. I am download the file from your link and it has hack this game..and 100%working

    only one drawback is the game reset to me even connect to facebook..but i have upgrade all minions

  7. Dexter Kudryavka

    fix link save game for windows 8 / 8.1 please
    the link is 404

  8. Didn’t worked using windows 8.1 & windows phone 8.1 I did the steps step by step! But the bananas still zero & tokens still 50 so I won’t delete my cloud to start all over again soo help with suggestions?

  9. plz fix the link of Save files for the PC version

  10. hi bro, its working. GOOD JOB ! :)

  11. i have windows8 and i download it and download it for windows phone…what next???

  12. i dont understand point 2???

  13. Save files for the PC version. link is not working!

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