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[Cheats] Hack for Braveland Windows Phone Game (Gold + XP + LVL)


Hack for Braveland Windows Phone Game (Gold + XP + LVL)

This cheat trick allows you to cheat in game Braveland

Important! game must be installed from our website and not from the shop! Get it here,Otherwise you will not be able to fill in the save file.

1. Downloading game XAP format from our website here.
2. Install a utility Windows Phone Power Tools . It is important to install the game using the program, otherwise you will not be able to access save games.
3. Run the game once. Exit the game.
4. Run WindowsPhonePowerTools and connect device.
5. Browse to folder  0f1a1307-d92c-4412-bf3e-3462dd9cde92


6: Click on the file “0-Save.json” and click GET, save anywhere. 
7: Open the same “0-Save.json” with notepad. 
8: We see here these fields.


9: Change the way we want and save.
10: Open WindowsPhonePowerTools, put a check on “Overwrite Existing” and click “PUT FILE”, choose our file “0-Save.json”



11: Close the WP, flow away USB, go and enjoy. 

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  1. I tested and confirmed this is working 00% just follow steps exactly or it will not work as i tried my own and failed. Follow The Steps EXACTLY. Thank You WindowsPhoneHub

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