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[Cheats] Hack Cash & sherrif stars in Six Guns For Windows Phone


Hack Cash & sherrif stars in Six Guns For Windows Phone

Follow this tutorial to hack Cash & sherrif stars in Six Guns For Windows Phone. Thanks to soumajit biswas for the tip.


1.A laptop or pc with win8 or win8.1 with fully working internet connection
2.A fully fresh copy of six guns without starting it for once (ON PC)
3.Download cheat engine 6.4
4.Download this rar file http://www.mediafire.com/download/n6cci7ubkqsi1s5/By+ProG+save_common.zip and extract it.Their will be just one file inside that rar file
5.A fresh copy of six guns on windows phone without opening it

1.Open windows explorer on your pc and make hidden files visible
2.Now to go c/users/your username folder/appdata/packages/gameloftSAsixguns/local state(this folder will be empty)
3.Now copy the above downloaded file and paste it to the above mentioned location
4.Now disconnect your internet from pc and start the game for first time.You should see more than 3million cash,500 or around sherrif stars, and many xp and the guns are purchased and packs are full.
5.Play the game for some time and the connect your internet to pc and sync the save game. When it asks which ine to keep choose the local one.
6.Now open the game on your windows phone(should have a internet connection) for first time wait for some time and it will ask which save file to use(local or cloud). Select cloud AND VOILA YOUR SUX GUNS IS HACKED IN NO TIME
Actually its very easy it may look long description but its really very easy

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  1. please upload the file in an other cloud like mega , this one is broken

  2. Fix the link…not allowed to redirect from current link

  3. U do not need Desktop PC, u have to put save_common in> WPSystemAppData{339E215B-C002-4A40-9CE6-C2A77ADF7B88}Local… here owerwrite file and launch game…. u will have your progress, but a lot of stars, gold….

  4. in mobile game was not syncing
    tell me how to sync it

  5. how to sync the save game

  6. B30 D10

  7. re upload please

  8. Try this new links
    “https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=AA4ADA966CFAFB9B&id=AA4ADA966CFAFB9B%21105#cid=AA4ADA966CFAFB9B&did=http%3A%2F%2Fpvt-act-3-blu.mesh.com%2Fu%2FNKKZIUW63C4AWU3EES24AD3W5E%2Fc%2FUERNG6443ULUNQCJ5C4SV5X4RY” and “http://www.4shared.com/file/gBBgd3xHba/save_common.html?”

  9. please re-upload save file to yandex.disk or one drive. this file on this link http://www.mediafire.com/download/n6cci7ubkqsi1s5/By+ProG+save_common.zip was deleted.

  10. Please update the link its not working anymore

  11. Update the link please

  12. Give six guns hack for windows 7,I have googled it but always I end up in surveys and password protected zip files!!

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