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[cheats] How to cheat Coins, diamonds & All Characters in Temple run 2


How to cheat coins & diamonds in Temple run 2

Attention! This will kill interest in the game, so use sparingly cheating. Recall that such instructions we put only for the sake of interest and requests from other users.

Method 1: (Only money & coins)

To successfully produce cheat you will need:

Smartphone with 1GB of RAM (if running at 512MB, then this will work);
– Get XAP-game file from our website (this is important, because it is necessary to gain access to isolated storage);
Windows Phone SDK ;
Windows Phone Power Tools or Xap deployer 2.0;


1. Download Temple Run 2 from our website and install through Windows Phone Power Tools;
2. Complete the introductory training;
3. Reconnect to the device through the Windows Phone Power Tools and click on the tab “Isolated Storage”;
4. Locate the file and click gamedata.txt “Get”;
5. Put the file wherever you want and open it;

6. Open it in Notepad or another text editor and find the line “Coins Count”. Replace the value of the desired;
7. Save the file, and Windows Phone Power Tools check the box “Overwrite existing”. Then click the “Put File” and select the file that you changed;
8. Finish.

Method 2: (Money ,coins & all charecters)

1. Download patched xap here. (Store xap wont work)

2. Now install through  wppt

3. Download n Extract the hack file.

4. Play the game once n exit.

5.Connect phone to Wppt

6.Tap isolated storage and go to Temple run 2 folder(find it using APP ID) and Click put file & Import all downloaded Files above

7. overwrite if needed

8.play the game u will have all unlocked. Start a new game n enjoy.


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  2. By this technique rate and review after every run problem can also be solved. Just change the value of ‘lifetimePlays’ to any big negative value like -9999 . It will then keep the problem side for more than 10000 play.

  3. Grt work guys …. How to unlock usain bolt…????

  4. Why its not working for me, when i save and put it, it reset to 0
    please help ms

  5. i don’t have windows phone powertool, i can download it where?

  6. windows phone power tools not working. it says- the application requires that assembly to install- microsoft visual studio OLE interlop version 7.1 be installed in GAC

    what to do?

  7. how about diamonds?!

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