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[Cheats] How to Cheat Levels & Coins in Trail Xtreme 3?

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How to Cheat Levels & Coins in Trail Xtreme 3?

Popular game Trial Xtreme 3 a couple of days ago there was a store in Windows Phone Store. Although it is free, in a lot of elements for which you have to pay. For example, to get access to all 121 levels, you have to pay almost $ 10. This manual tells you how to unlock all the levels in the game Trial Xtreme 3 for Windows Phone for free and tweak yourself a couple thousand coins.

Important! game must be installed from our website and not from the shop! Get it here,Otherwise you will not be able to fill in the save file.

Steps :

You do not need to edit anything, do not dig anywhere, simply do the following:

1. Download Trial Xtreme 3 of our site. It is important to download it from the site and not from the store . Install through Windows Phone Power Tools .

2. Start the game, then quit. Click on the tab ” Isolated Storage “in the WPPT.

3. Scroll down game Trial Xtreme and expand it. Set the checkbox ” Overwrite Existing “. Then click the ” Put File “.

4. Download the file you want saved.

A. If you want to get all the levels only , download this file .
B. If you want to get all levels and 999,999 coins , download this file .

5. Unpack the files from the archives and put it in Isolated Storage.

Start the game and check the levels of open and we added a coin. Enjoy.

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