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[Cheats] How to Unlock Full Career in Cross Court Tennis 2!


How to Unlock Full Career in Cross Court Tennis 2!

The game is free, but to play in the career you have to pay for her $ 1.99. With this method, you can play free career.

Important! game must be installed from our website and not from the shop! Get it here ,Otherwise you will not be able to fill in the save file.


1) Install the game from here .

2. Install a utility Windows Phone Power Tools . In this SDK must be pre-installed.

3. Run the game once, when waiting to find ourselves in the game menu. Exit the game.

4. Connect the phone, start the Windows Phone Power Tools.

5. Connects to the device, push the button on the left “Isolated Storage”.

6. Find the list of Cross Court Tennis 2 unfold.

7. Download the file UnityPlayer.upp .

8. We return to the WPPT. Put a check on Overwrite Existing. Push the “Put File” and select the file that you just downloaded. Should replace the existing file in the list. All phone can be turned off, the save file is filled, the game is broken. If the menu item career games open, it means that you have successfully hacked game Cross Court Tennis 2 on Windows Phone 8.

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  3. i am using sdk mini (65 mb) on my win 7 to deploy apps..
    currently m deploying with WPV xap deployer…
    now for this cheat i need windows phone power tools which wont install until i install the full sdk and for that i need windows 8 pc :(…
    any trick to install windows phone power tools on my windows 7 ???
    i tried installing full sdk on win 7 but it didnt worked properly sooo :(

  4. worked …. and links updated…thanks

  5. the downloadable file is blocked .

    please fix it … I cant download . thanks .

  6. Thank you!!!!Its working great!!!!!

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