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[Cheats] Money Hack For Angry Birds Epic (Unlimited money, All Characters & more)


Hack For Angry Birds Epic (Unlimited money, All Characters & more)

Important! game must be installed from our website and not from the shop! Get it Below ,Otherwise you will not be able to fill in the save file.


1) Download the game Xap –Angry Birds Epic

2) Install using the utility Windows Phone Power Tools . SDK must be installed (all installation instructions SDK8 is the forum)!

3) Connect your phone, start the Windows Phone Power Tools.

4) After Successfully connecting to the device, push the button on the left “Isolated Storage”.

5) Expand AngryBirdsEpic,  If you have already run the game, you find there UnityPlayer.upp and removes it. If you have installed and launched. there must be blank file.

6) Go to the below  link o fyour desired crack version to download it.

Finished the entire game, all the characters unlocked, the endless money.

Infinite Money, 1st level, the very beginning.


7) Go back to the WPPT.

8) Click “Put File” and select the file you just downloaded. The file should appear in the list.

9) Restart Phone/Game…Enjoy

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  1. I successfully installed the Angry_Birds_Epic_v1.0.11.0.xap with Windows Phone Power Tools. The Applications is running on my phone but there is no money. After i clicked on Isolated Storage, I found nothing there. How can i put the file of coins.upp there ?

  2. When u gonna fix the file so manny people are waiting?

  3. Can you update the files with enormous amount of gold and silver please?

  4. How can you edit the .upp file to write in the desired amount of gold?

  5. not work only 80 gold and 1000 silver not infinite

  6. it says you are not authorised to download

  7. i cant understand the language please help

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