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[Cheats] Simple Hack to unlock premium cars in Asphalt 8 airborne for Windows Phone


Simple Hack to unlock premium cars in Asphalt 8 airborne for Windows Phone

Hacked by ahmed

This exciting arcade racing at one point put you a choice: pay real money or throw the passing game. But if you do not want to spend $ 100 on the purchase of three machines in the game, there is a third way: breaking. In this manual, you can learn how to open premium cars in Asphalt 8 on Windows Phone and Windows.

All procedures will be performed on a computer, and save the file will be transferred to your smartphone through the cloud synchronization. Without Windows 8 and games on your computer you will not crack Asphalt 8.

Warning: we do not know whether this is a way to lock your account in the game. We managed to hack the game on their devices and not get banned. If you block, the responsibility for this rests solely with you.

  1. Download this utility that is built on the principle of Cheat Engine. It is safe and does not contain trojans or other malicious software, you can be sure.
  2. Start from the archive file that corresponds to your operating system architecture (x86 or x64).
  3. Start the game Asphalt 8.
  4. On the application window, press “Start”. The application must show a pop-up window “Ready”.
  5. Choose any car from the list and click “Apply”.
  6. Switch to the game and go to the store cars. Buy the very first car Dodge Dart (it will cost 0 credits) and protyuninguyte it completely (this should be done even if the car already purchased). Return to the menu.
  7. Close the game and start it again. After that, the car that you patched through the app is opened.
  8. Repeat this procedure with all the other cars. This way you can open all premium cars that are available for the so-called tokens.

You can also view the video instructions showing cracking process clearly:


As for the premium cars are available only through the IAP, the way they are hacking is not yet available, since after the last update, Gameloft closed vulnerability that allows them to unlock.

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No comments

  1. This hack is working at version :)

  2. I cannot open the utility file. How do yo open open it please help.

  3. does this work on game downloaded from store (Official version)?????

  4. How to works with Windows 10 on pc? Don’t seem to be working with latest Asphalt 8.

  5. soy humano

  6. how can i hack the coins plzz tell me

  7. hi koy bata sakata ha ka coin ko hack kasa kara

    can anyone tell me how to hack coins with the help of cheat engin plzzzzzz tell me

  8. Wealdstone_Raida

    It wont run on my windows 8.1, 64 -bit system?

    it says to contact the software publisher

  9. Ahmed it still works even with the last update,i tried 2 hours ago and unlocked the cars,can you do one For the new token cars? (mustang 2015,Ferrari 330 p4,ssc ultimate,Peugeot onyx ecc.ecc.)

  10. does it still work for those cars?
    and another thing,it’s a sure ban even if i don’t use them in events or mp cause i wanna get all the stars of seasons.

  11. not working with the last update of game

  12. It is for Windows not for windows phone

    • U Can get save file from backup.. Coz same backup works for both PC and Phone

      • Yadav ghorasainee

        In windows phone back up is done in cloud and how can we run cloud back up in windows laptop.. i dint get you.. using onedrive or anything else.. but i have tried this too .. but i cant..

      • Hey guyz, i do not have asphalt 8 installed on my pc..so can i still hack my game on my lumia windows 8.1 ???

    • Muhammet Yılmaz

      Unlock Premium Cars

      1.Peugeot Onyx
      2.SSC Ultimate Aero XT
      3.Chrysler ME412
      4.Jaguar C-X75
      5.Jaguar F-Type R
      6.Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Coupé Final Edition
      7.Maserati MC12
      8.2015 Ford Mustang

    • i know that, did not work (windows 8.1)
      if the hack is working with you i can make a new FB account and give it to you to do it:)

      • Hi

        Ahmed can you please tell me about Slow Motion Hack or Slow Speed of Game Hack & also Winning Time Hack!!
        Thank you!

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