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Common Windows 10 Mobile upgrade & installation issues & Fixes


Common Windows 10 Mobile upgrade & installation issues & Fixes

This tutorial is based on the experience of installing and living with all the Windows 10 Mobile preview builds released yet. Some of the issues that we are covering however seem to appear in nearly every build to someone or other amongst the Windows Insiders.

Windows 10 Mobile Build not being offered issue & fix:

If you are a Windows Insider and don’t see a Build being offered (while other are able to see it) you may like to open the Windows Insider app and select “Insider Fast” or “Insider Slow” as the case may be. Once done you should be able to get the Preview Build if available. For those new to Insider thingy, here is your tutorial to install windows 10 Mobile for the first time.

Windows 10 Mobile Installation issues & workarounds:

  • Installation seems stuck at 0% for hours. What you can do is
    • Plug-in your device as in some devices there is a “Battery Saver” bug that stops download and installation of the build.
    • Try a soft reset and try downloading and installing the build again.
  • In case you see spinning gears for longer duration during update process, you should wait if gears are spinning. If gears are stuck then only issue arises. Try soft reset first and if it doesn’t work try hard reset. You can follow our reset tutorial.
  • Many times you see a blank screen once the installation is over. You should wait for 15-20 minutes as migration may be going on below that Blank Screen. This bug affects many devices and is always better to let the device do its own thing or else you may face issues.

Common Windows 10 Mobile issues & Fixes:

Listed below are common Windows 10 Mobile usage issues and related workarounds or fixes.

  • Start Screen corrupted post the upgrade
  • Not able to take a screenshot
  • Mail & Calendar not working
  • Settings may crash
  • Sim is not getting recognized.
  • Keyboard installation running into error.
  • Not able to add a new Mail account
  • WiFi keeps on disconnecting
  • Native Apps crashes
  • New Speech language can’t be downloaded
  • Poor Battery Life
  • Performance issues
  • Action Center not working smoothly

Generic Workaround:

In all the cases,

(First) Try a Reboot:

It should fix apps related and some other issues too.

(Second) Try a soft reset:

Volume up + power key hold till it restarts (Around 10 seconds)

(Third) Else take a back up and do a hard reset:

Go to Settings——>About——–>and you can see Reset your Phone option. You should take a backup of your content before proceeding.

(Finally) Windows Phone Recovery Tool:

This is a very useful tool that helps you to return to Windows Phone 8.1, if Windows 10 previews are too buggy to handle for you and the soft reset and hard reset have not yielded desired results.

Issue-specific Workarounds:

  • In case of Start Screen corruption, you can go to Settings > Personalization > Start and apply a different background picture or no picture and it should fix this issue.
  • If you are not able to download Keyboards or new language packs, you may need to enroll to Windows Insider app again and retry. You should be able to get these installed via Windows Update.

Issues and Fixes list seen here is not final and will be updated based on feedback from our readers.

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