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Demon Pop v1.1.0.5 – Windows Phone Xap


Demon Pop v1.1.0.5 – Windows Phone Xap


Grab the FULL version of this AMAZING game today, as major graphical/FUN/gameplay enhancements are coming soon in the next update that you will not want to miss out on!

Forget about zombies! DEMONS roam the earth and we need YOU to exercise them for us! So….


Want to relieve some stress the fun, safe & legal way?
Want to exercise ALL demons out of your life?
Want to shoot guns & blow-up stuff on your new Windows Phone?

Then head over to DEMON-POP, the shady-business establishment where you can MURK demons till your heart’s content!

In this fantasy/shooter/action-game you get to take on many exciting challenges while using a variety of different weapons within numerous environments!

Demon-Pop provides the fantasy shooting gallery for the gun/shooting enthused!

. HARDCORE ACTION & VERY challenging!

. Earn cash and collect items to buy new weapons and increase your rank!

. Take on bonus-rounds to earn more money and prizes!

. Play with real-world guns and fantasy weaponry!

. Get assistance from gun-turrets, napalm-bomb support,
nukes, and more!

. Pop through all of the Demon-Pop Achievements!

. Increase your rank to Demon-Reaper and unlock ALL of the different challenge areas and more!

. Buy today, and enjoy while we continue to expand
Demon-Pop with more weapons and challenges!

. Stay tuned for some cool new updates coming soon!

Windows Market

Download Xap : Demon Pop v1.1.0.5 – Windows Phone Xap

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