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[Dev Unlock] Chinese Jailbreak tool to developer unlock windows phone and sideload 10 XAPs


Chinese Jailbreak tool to developer unlock(soft jailbreak) windows phone and sideload 10 XAPs

We do not recommend this tool anymore. Please check here for better methods. If you are on windows 10 mobile, check here

Updated important infoOnly use this tool to hack/unlock the phone. For deploying xap use Windows phone power tools. You might risk your phone warranty(Blacklisted) if you use this tool to deploy xap. since it doesnt link the xap to ur registered email. Use windows phone power tools or xap deployer.


It is unsure whether this tool tracks any user login details or credit card info so be sure not to use any of your card details on your phone after using this tool. We dont recommend this tool but we are posting on request by the users.

HI everyone .
Here is a simple way to developer unlock Windows Phone Devices and get 10 MaxUnsignedApp. you dont need to use any live id or .edu  id. Follow the below steps and you should have a dev unlocked device.

Video tutorial:

English :
first thanks to Erfan 33.

Before starting : (Make sure you read the whole post twice to understand the steps)

  1. First unregister your phone if it is already registered for 2 apps – Check Here
  2. Rename the Phone To “Lumia 920”
  3. Check Your Phone and PC Date and make sure they are up to date.
  4. Connect both your phone and your PC to the Internet.
  5. Make sure your Phone screen is On and Pin Unlocked.
  6. Make Sure your Device has been detected (by Device Manager.)

Blue button not working ?

1. Standard USB drivers will not work. you need to install Microsoft windows phone usb drivers

In order to manually update your wp usb driver, follow the steps below (the next steps):

1. Go to Device Manager (right click on My Computer, choose Manage and then find Device Manager in the left panel)
2. Right click on the hardware device you wish to update and choose Update Driver Software
3. Choose to select the location of the new driver manually and browse to the folder where you downloaded the driver

2. Download and install .net Framework 4.5.1

And unregister the phone if you have unlocked it previously – Check Here

Steps to fix errors. Thanks to Dom

I got L720 with 8.1 dev preview installed.
Using windows 8 on my pc

1. I used the old chinese software
2. I installed it as the instruction above.
3. Disable PC from internet. Run it, it will ask for update. then choose NOT.
4. Disable phone from internet, connect it.
5. After it show the blue button, I reconnect BOTH to the internet network
6. Click the blue button
7. Wait for a while
8. I got an error about script or something, but my phone is unlocked for deploy 10 apps.
9. Try unplug your phone and plug it again, if the tool shows your phone colorful now (not grey). it is unlocked.

Now Download Appropriate version of This app to your PC and Install it (it’s Chinese) : 

New Tool (V4.6) : Windows Phone Developer unlock hack tool

New Tool (V4.4) (ydisk mirror) : Windows Phone Developer unlock hack tool

 Only use below old version if new is having  issues on your pc

Old Modified Tool v3.0.0.0  : Windows Phone Developer unlock hack tool (Only if above one doesnt work)

Older Version : Windows Phone Developer unlock hack tool

Now Click on the file and Install it by this way : 


After Installing click on x button to close 


Run this app using Desktop Shortcut . 
You see this page : 


Click on Blue Button that I mentioned to it .
after a while your phone is developer Unlocked (Max Unsigned App = 10)

Trick to remove 10 xap limit and instal unlimited apps

Important : Now uninstall the tool completly from your PC and use any registry cleaner to clean out any residue. (Its conflicts with the WPPT sdk files if left on pc)

Now Install Windows phone power tools or XAP deployer 2.0 To Deploy Xap to the device downloaded from our site.

Now you can download install upto 10 XAPs from our site windowsphonehub..

If it doesnt work do not try anything new by yourself. we are not responsible if you break your device. We still recommend you to unlock using .edu mail account.

Note – Use this tool only to unlock the device. For deploying XAP you should still use Windows phone power tools or XAP deployer 2.0


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  1. wht do u mean by unregister ur phone
    I have laptop which has windows 7 installed but my lumia 520 has 8.1 can i be able to jailbreak it

  2. Can someone help me,the blue button still isn’t showing like it is in the video even though my drivers are up to date, i’ve even tried the solve,but the lock screen icon just keeps loading and never finishes.

  3. Help Got error when got 100% done

    “unable to open archive file”

    Help Winhub

  4. I got This Error
    Link Picture:

    Reply for the help

  5. Got an Error
    So SimplyI have an Image Because can’t upload image
    GO TO:https://mega.co.nz/#!b8lhUKxK

    Watch It and give me solutions

  6. yeah<
    I have the 4.4 version
    When I unlock the phone
    It show me 2 error above The Sign In
    What is this

  7. Does this tool also desimlock the phone ?

  8. can i please get the link for official developer unlock

  9. hi, m using lumia 720..my doubts are
    1. do v have to install windows phone SDK before installing chinese jailbreak??
    2. i just installed jailbreak software and i followed all ur procedure as u mentioned. i removed the internet wire from my pc and tured off wifi in my mobile. once i connected my mob to pc..i connected the net wire to my pc and turned on wifi on my mobile…but i got a big red cross mark on the logo. so i disconnected my mob and again connected it to my pc…but “I GOT THE SAME LOGO”..plzzzzzzz help me…please mail me those procedures again…please please help me…

  10. unable to open archive file
    Plzz help me!!!

  11. Can somebody help me jailbreak lumia 830 with TeamViewer?

  12. i can only deploy 2 apps after unlocking with this pls help in my other phone its 10 but on this new one its is only loading 2

  13. I am unable to do it….
    It shows ‘unable to load the archieve’ on the screen…

  14. Please help! Have a Lumia 930 && get the same error as gtm!


    Thanks in advance! <3

  15. does my phone lose warrant after unlocking using this software?

  16. IS there any risk which damage my phone ???

  17. Does this tool also SimUnlock the phone ?

  18. this is the official download link . open the link and click the yellow buttton http://www.51wp.com/aiyingyong/

  19. Is it compulsory to connect internet on both PC and Phone??

  20. This app does it unlock simlock on lumia 521??

  21. this app does it unlock simlock???

  22. Me too :/

  23. I get the error with red chinese letters with the picture of cross mark on phone connecting to computer, please help

  24. i clicked the blue button, and then the loading start but it never end.

  25. Is that work for Lumia 635?. Because when I tried it connecting Blue button mentioned above dosent get enabled and hence was not able to continue.

    Please provide me the step which I may be missing.

  26. Is it Okay With my lumia 535? pls rply

  27. when i try to jailbreak my lumia 535 by chinese hack tool it take loading and than says unable to load archive file ,please help me what can i do to solve this problem.

  28. im getting closer, the usb windows drivers (probably already have them) I try using device manager. what exactly are you supposed to update in the device list?? I assume the phone, I tried that and multiple others, both updating manually (browsing to the drivers I downloaded) and using the internet, they all say best driver already installed

    other than that, though, it seems using the older versions of the chinese tool may be what I need to do. ANY LINKS?? the 2 links to the diiff older ones are down

  29. FRUSTRATING! it brings up a screen where the blue button is greyed out and there is red text, with a little blue link to click on…..if you click on the blue link it will unlock the phone with the normal 2 app limit.

  30. It requires some fields to complete at the end. What to do? I have 1520.

  31. when i try to jailbreak my lumia 625 by chinese hack tool it take loading and than says unable to load archive file ,please help me what can i do to solve this problem.

  32. Loading up to 100% but then: Launcher error! Phone is a Lumia 1320 with Windows 8.1….any ideas?

  33. wphub,
    i installed the latest chinese software on my windows 7
    first two images i got it correctly but i did not get the third image as it is there in the site
    something loaded at 100% and got an error pls help
    thank you wphhub

  34. hey how to remove this jailbreak . can it be removed by hard reset or not. if not plzzz suggest a method.

  35. after this chinese jail break can we update our windows phone.plzzzz tell fast

  36. thank you man. this tool is working 100% with my lumia 1520

  37. i cant even press the button…im so hopeless with this kind of thing…
    no one even helps me…

    • Rename the phone name from windows phone to English 123456. Internet connection must be on on both the devices. Now the blue button should do its work.I have Lumia 830 I was unable to unlock it, then the Chinese tool showed a link which was in Chinese. It says if your phone does not get unlocked then check date on both device and PC and if still it doesn’t work then rename your phone to “English123456” without quotes. Try this as my denim update phone got unlocked. And there one more thing Microsoft has fixed the unlimited xap installation trick by moving applications and games to sd card and removing the sd card as this does not work with my denim software update Lumia 830 device. And read care fully said as I say the sd card trick for unlimited xap…. it does not work with Lumia denim firmware update and working with Dev preview update.

  38. how much time does it take after bar is full and to get to the colured version of phone on the software…??

  39. when I connect my to pc its load 100% than error archive can,t open files (lumia 1520)
    cant update my driver any sujjest
    plz make a complete tutorial for (lumia 1520) include how to update driver

  40. hey guys when i open the program and connet my phone it load to 100% then it says

    Launcher error:

    unable to open archive file

    Please help me

  41. i can’t i connect my phone to it help pls

  42. when jailbreaking it shows upward arrow but nothin happens even aftr 30mins of waitin l525 wp8.1cyan

  43. All of them are not working. it showing failed to open output file whenever i try to install it. please fix it.

  44. after jailbreaking my phone why i cant synchronize to my email on settings? please help me admins :((( I cant downlaod apps from apps store

  45. hey bro
    i downloaded the latest version of this chinese app and then i installed it after intallin when i open this app it starts loading something after loading hundred percent it game erorr unable to archive

    so please help me

  46. None of the download links for the program (4.4, 4.4 ydisk mirror,, older version) are active mate. I’ve tried multiple times but couldn’t get any of them working. Could you please fix these broken download links?


      • the download link for the older version is still not working :<

        • I need the old too. Please UPDATE. (Ps. Unable to open archive file error here)

          • I FOUND A FIX

            When de error apear, close it, JUST THE ERROR. now go to

            Now go to Program Files (for 32 bit) or Program Files(86) and go to a folder with a CHINESE name. Then goto Download folder and COPY the “Windows Phone 8SDK.exe.” To your descktop and run it. Wait 2-3 min. and close everthing.

            Now go to your folder “my computer” and click in the Lumia celphone whit the chinese name. click in the clicable text.
            Now enter your Email and Password and go on. Now, unlocked. :)

  47. my windows phone driver is not installing .micromax canvas win w121 is my windows phone 8.1 running phone.Because of that i can’t unlock my phone. please tell me what to do…. it is showing that unknown device or qualcomm composite device with a yellow mark..

  48. I have a question about this software support Windows 7 or need Win8 computer?

  49. plz plz plz help i have unlocked my devive previosly 2 times with this toll but after updating to cyan its not working the blu button is coming but after i press it the blu arrow keeps going upward and is not stopping even after 30min. plz help

  50. Dead links :P

  51. Working perfectly on my Lumia 520 black…Enjoy!!

  52. i can only install 2 files.

  53. Well, read reviews at UseMyReviews as well.

  54. not working with update 1

  55. AFTER deploying 10 xaps onto my lumia 1520, no more xaps will be installed on my phone. unless i delete some of the 10 and then i can replace it with another. What do i do

  56. all is good just unlocked my lumia 630!!!

  57. only 2 app activated my L520

  58. hi any body can help me ???
    what this error means ?

    i did evry thing and this is my second time for regestring my phone with this tool , the lost time evry thing was good but this time , this error

    • My friend told me that that particular error means that they ran out of unlock for today (so you must wait until tomorrow). Or if you have a dev account then you can click on the blue button to get 2 xap limit.

  59. Its stays at this screen. If i restart the program, i get account confirmation after which the phone gets unlocked but only for 2 xaps

  60. will this jailbreaking tool work on lumia 1520?????

  61. I have sucesssfully unlocked my Nokia Lumia 525 but the XAP limit is still 2 XAPs. pls help me. I want my XAP limit to be 10 XAPs

  62. With this software., will I be able to unlock Nokia Lumia 520 from my AT&T provider?

  63. Solution for “Unable to open archive file”:

    1. Download the v4.5 from the above link..
    2. DONOT disconnect from the internet, as the software needs to download Windows Phone 8SDK.exe(10MB file)
    3. Once the chinese hack tool completes 100% and shows “Unable to open archive file”, DONOT hit enter.
    4. Now goto Program Files (for 32 bit) or Program Files(86) and goto a folder with a CHINESE name.
    5. Then goto Download folder and double click Windows Phone 8SDK.exe.
    6. After 2 to 3 CMD popups, the installation will be finished.
    7. Now click on OK to “Unable to open archive file” dialog box.
    8. Now the application should restart.
    9. Now you have blue button visible>
    10. Click on it and wait for few mins. Now your phone should be UNLOCKED!!
    enjoy :)

  64. i am using lumia 520 i unlocked my phone but sd card not show in window store
    how i install crack game in phone pls help me

  65. whenever i try to update driver it says driver is up to date and the hack tool just kept loading i have windows 7 pc and sdk is installed

  66. giokupreishvili

    I Unlocked My Nokia Lumia 520 Thanks Very Much winphonehub.org :)

  67. Help me plz
    Actually I successfully unlock my phone using this software but when I try to update my phone to 8.1 it say phone is up to date
    P.s – I also install preview for developers app but still not able to update

  68. All the time I tried this and that still tell me I have max two apps! (app deployment) what to do?!!

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