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Student Developer Unlock

If you are unable to create .edu email accounts go here – Giving out .edu email accounts – Check this post


  • Important : The college site is down on weekends for maintenance.
  •  Make sure you follow it step by step and do not skip any step unless one is completed. If you do not get the email from the college , it may be due to server downtime, and I would suggest you check the email after a few hours.
  • You require your current hotmail/livemail/outlook id which is linked to your phone.

 Check this video :


Video Update Coming Soon : Will make one soon with new steps. Follow the screen shots and the rest of the tutorial for now.

So here is how to register your phone as a developer phone FOR FREE. You can deploy upto 3 XAPs to your device at a time installed. Also, you can unlock 3 Windows phone using 1 Live ID.


Instructions :

1. The most important step is to get a free student account ( i.e an “edu” email address)

2. Incase you don’t have already, create your hotmail/live mail account HERE

3. You THEN need to sign up HERE

At the signup page, Follow the screenshot, do exactly as I have done :

  • SSN number you’ll get here, copy and paste it without the “-” , for example if you get the SSN number 123-45-6789, you have to paste it in the SSN box on the college website as 123456789 without quotes.
  • Make sure you save all this information with you, in a notepad.
  • Also make sure you add your real address for the permanent address so that it gets accepted.
  • In ‘Your College Account’ you need to add a 4 digit number which will be a part of the email you receive, save that email in your notepad.
  • Download the image for better view.

4. After you have done the part from the image above and you submit that form, you shall get your STUDENT ID, save that ID in the notepad as well.

5. Now go HERE and login using the student ID and password. Leave that page for now.

6. Open a new tab and go HERE. Here you login using the college ID, do not use “”,  just use the part before that.

7. Once you login , you’ll get a google accounts page , go to the bottom of the page and click on “I Accept. Continue to my account”

8. Now this is the college email ID. Keep it open.

9. Go HERE and login using your phone’s hotmail/live ID.

10. Next follow this link. You will now be asked to sign-in with your Live ID or you will be taken HERE directly.

These are the options to be selected :

a. What country do you live in? – United States

b. How would you like to verify? – Verify as a Student

c. How would you like to verify your account? –  Get verified through my school

Then click continue

11. Next page is “Get Verified With DreamSpark”

a. United States
b. California
c. Los Angeles

Select “BakersField College” in School Selector. You can also directly type the name and select from the drop down.

12. The following page should ask you for the EDU email address, enter it.

13. Once you’re done here, you should get a verification email in your .edu email, so go check it out and click on the verification link.

14. Congrats ! You now have an edu email and a dreamspark account !


Now create an Apphub account and link it to your Dreamspark LiveID.

After Dreamspark is verified, go to the App Hub – home, register your Windows Live ID and signup as a student. It will ask if you have a verified your Dreamspark account

Enter these :
Country/region of residence or business : United States

Account type : Individual or student

Select this option if you want to sell apps as a sole proprietor or using your DreamSpark student account.

Tick the Legal Terms


Enter Your Details

Email ID has to be the Hotmail/Live ID

Address 1 : (anything you want)

City : Los Angeles

Postal code : as you selected

State/Province : California

Country/Region: United States
Enter Publisher’s name: i.e your unique name


Payment options: I’m a student

Your annual Dev Center subscription is free with a verified DreamSpark account. If you don’t already have a DreamSpark account click Next to get one for free.

you will get a page with :

You’re registered
We’ll send you an email with instructions to confirm your account. In the future, we’ll also use this email address to send you messages about critical updates to your account.

Now go to your Live/Hotmail ID and verify the account.


(b) Download the Windows phone developer tools from HERE and the offline installer from HERE for WP7 and HERE for WP8 phones.

If you have Windows 8 installed on your desktop/laptop as your primary OS then you need to follow THIS for a WP7 device.

Or if you have it,  just
(c) Run the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool. Sign in with Windows Live ID you registered at the AppHub, connect your phone and make sure its screen is unlocked.

Voila! Your Windows Phone is now developer unlocked!

You can unlock 2 other Windows Phones with the same Live ID for a total of 3 phones.

NOTE: You can also download the MINI SDK HERE, instead of the big one.


  1. Hi, I have an student account but I only can install 2 apps, please help me, I already lock and unlock 2 timesmy device.


  2. If someone has an extra .edu account plz give me one..,

  3. i have few question regarding how to unlock my lumia 720
    1) – if i unlock my phone using ” ” dev unlock from this site can i download games from your site like modern combat 5 for 512rams

    2) – what should i do to unlock my lumia 720 and i want to play games from this site i am confused how to unlock my phone

  4. pls tell me how i can install plant vs zombie game in my lumia 535. i from Pakistan Region.

  5. After unlocking the phone can i lock it again?

  6. Using this method it voids the warranty of the phone or not..

  7. i dont get why you guys waste your time on these long tiring processes. and at de end they dont even work…this is a much easier way to get the developer unlock……watch and like…waaaaay simpler than these complex processes am seeing in here

  8. If you are unable to create .edu email accounts go here – Giving out .edu email accounts – Check this post

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