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[Discuss] Android Apk on Windows 10 Mobile: The good, the bad & the Ugly Side of Astoria!

Projeto-Astoria-Windows-Android-VideoAndroid Apk on Windows 10 Mobile: The good, the bad & the Ugly!

Hi guys, its been over a day since we got our hands on the android apk sideloading tool for win 10 mobile. Thanks to wmpu for leaking the trick. Although we are not overwhelmed by this. we are more interested in how it will progress from here. So we have come up with the good the bad and the ugly side of project astoria.

The Good :

  • Helps to close the so called app gap in the store.
  • Developers who have ignored windows phone, will be drawn to this, as its easy for them to recompile their apps into appx
  • We will start seeing more Universal apps from the developers, Which is microsoft’s main target.
  • Windows Phone could see a big boost in available apps and games from these Bridge tools.
  • Helps to boost microsoft’s one windows strategy on the long run.
  • Encourages the Android app developers to take the Project Astoria seriously.

The Bad :

  • Windows Native Apps might head down hill.
  • Dedicated windows native app developers will give up on native Windows Phone app development.
  • Microsoft store will be flooded by more and more spammy ported apps.
  • Android developers will be betrayed, as sideloading apk does not abide as per the software’s EULA.
  • Apps requiring google services will not work as expected.

The Ugly :

  • Opens the door for increased apk piracy.
  • Increased number of apks will be sideloaded illegally.
  • Security of a Windows phone might be compromised.
  • Google & androids apk security hits a new low,Unless google comes up with something to overturn the situation.
  • Android is open source and Google does have to justify the breakage, this would seem as an anti-competitive attack and could get them in trouble.

So,  What is your view on this?  if you think we have missed something, please let us know below…

Thank you

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  1. Everything wil have merits n demerits…coming to the point..after porting apps ms should hav a look on apps ported and also porting should be restricted to developers n publishers only.The ported games n apps should undergo a checking test by ms to confirm its not pirated and free from virus.After all this is a good move which attracts ios n android users. Good post admin.

  2. There are always some merits n limitations and according to me it’s a good step taken by Microsoft for its WP users it will take down the gap of number of apps….. And its a unique feature also…… Microsoft is doing wat is best for business…..

    • Android security has always been a joke and if more and more apks are installed on a windows phone then the phone will be slower ,more vulnerable to attacks by hackers and also windows will lose its originality. When I bought my Lumia I thought it had a bright future and will someday overthrow android. Iam happy that the project is not compatible for my phone.let the android app devs make apps for windows in the legal way just like Gameloft and others.

      • even how many apks installed on windows phone ,there is no chance of security risk,no apk had access to filesystem ,they get access to public folder of wp when they port to windows store,all app db public folder are monitered by windows security ,these apk’s are run in emulator not windows execution environent ,so there is no chance of security risk ,wp can execute android apps, no android can execute in windows os ,so happy deploy ,windows is robust and more secure

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