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DJ Tools v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

DJ Tools V1 xap windows phone (2)

DJ Tools v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Dj Tools V1 is the first release of a series of useful tools DJ.
Target App is the casual DJ, you want to attach your phone to your mixer with a Y cable RCA-Jack or just for fun.
Trial App limit use to 60 seconds, then you have to wait 60 seconds to continue.
All sounds are preloaded into memory for immediate start, forget lags sound.

The Desktop App is available for loading your own sounds! 
Desktop Application Short Url:

DJ Tools is the cart machine Jingle classic, but with a lot of cool features and addictive:
– 6 Sound Effects with the launch mode selectable – Rifle weapon or [Multiple Launch] – Introduction 6 samples for their sessions launch hard [single] – 6 dividers, for radio DJs, perfect for going from one song to another song [Multiple Launch] – 6 vocal samples to entertain the crowd (Multiple Launch)
– 6 BassLine Pitch Control with fine grain (0.001%) [Single Release] – 5 Slot for your custom WAVE FILE! Functionality only available in the full version [Multiple Launch] – 1 Super Cool Sine Wave Pad! Control sine wave frequency and Pan with his finger.
– 1 Pad Low to pump subwoofer

All wave file are professionally handmade. 

WARNING: DJ Tools is a very CPU-intensive, is designed for use on stage,
and so keep your monitor always on. Be careful.

to load your own files, you must download the latest DJ Tools desktop application.
‘s very important, you can place up to 5 PCM WAV files (max 3 MB per file).
transmission is achieved using TCP about Wifi network (or networked Zune).
Execute the desktop application, identify your IP address and enter it in the box application.
Remember to open the firewall to allow communication to your PC on TCP port 5979.

DJ Tools V1 xap windows phone (1)

Desktop application require. NET Framework 4.0

Desktop app :!3469&parid=root

Download Link : DJ Tools v1.0.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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