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Doodle Defense v1.0.1.7 – Windows Phone Xap


Doodle Defense v1.0.1.7 – Windows Phone Xap

Wp7, wp8, wp8.1 Patched Xap

Doodle Defense is a Tower Defense game that can be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore gamers. The game offers enjoyable and colorful game play with a challenging, but fun experience.


Current Features:
-20 Campaign levels
-9 Freeplay levels
-6 types of enemies
-5 different Towers, 3 different Elements, and 3 Upgrades per built tower
-Creative maps and design
-Local highscores
-Stat tracking for each game played
-Custom path creation

Future Updates:
-More content such as enemies or even towers
-Online highscores
-Campaign and Freeplay expansions
-Ad-less version
-New game features like multiple start and end points
… and more!

5 Types of towers:
-Arrow : Single target, attacks ground and air units
-Cannon : Single target splash damage, attacks ground units only
-Splash : Area of Effect (AoE) attack in radius around tower, attacks ground units only
-Air : Single target shot that splits into two new projectiles, attacks air units only
-Wall : Cheap tower for creating a path for creeps

3 Tower Elements:
-Ice : Slow attack, long range, costly, applies slow to enemies
-Fire : Fast attack, short range, expensive, applies burn to enemies
-Normal : Average stats across the board, cheap

6 Types of Towers:
-Normal : Basic creep that progresses slowly ahead with an average health
-Armored : High health point creep that can take a beating, but is also very slow
-Speed : Fastest creep in the game, but also one of the weakest
-Flying : This creep will bypass your ground defenses and walls by flying from start to finish
-Dividing : This creep will separate and split into smaller creeps until it is killed a total of 7 times
-Parachute : You thought the Flying creep was bad? This creep flies and upon death drops a Normal enemy

Get five stars by skipping waves as quickly as realistically possible for each map, skip the time between each wave, and don’t lose lives! The bonus from time and lives is what makes the difference!
#####Update V1.0.1.7#####
-Fixed issue with game crashing upon load with certain device regions
-Added a skip button to tutorial
-Fixed minor aesthetic issues
-Fixed minor bug

Windows Market

Download Xap : Doodle Defense v1.0.1.7 – Windows Phone Xap

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