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Dragon’s Blade II FX v1.0.1.6 – Windows Phone Xap


Dragon’s Blade II FX v1.0.1.6 – Windows Phone Xap

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The sequel to the popular Windows Phone RPG, Dragon’s Blade has arrived! Dragon’s Blade II continues the saga with classic turn-based RPG gameplay set in a massive new world. Enjoy the story at your own pace or play online with friends!


Create a custom party and begin your adventure traveling across vibrant new continents and delving into the darkest dungeons. Battle hundreds of unique monsters and unforgiving bosses while discovering amazing treasure and building your party up the way you want.

Optional online play allows you to enjoy your adventure with other players any time! While online you’ll be able to chat, join a guild, play mini-games like capture the flag, and engage in one of the many forms of online battle such as PvP, raids, team battles, and guild wars.

If you liked Dragon’s Blade, you’ll love Dragon’s Blade II.

– Enjoy beautiful and vibrant 2D character art set in a unique tiled 3D world.
– Create a custom party from 11 unique classes. Looking for a greater challenge? You can even change the number of characters in your party and swap out different classes any time.
– Jump online any time and experience the feel of a turn-based MMO. Battle other players in PvP or join forces against powerful foes in raid mode! Need a break from battle? Play a mini-game with other players in the village game hall.
– Backup your progress or transfer it to a new phone using the cloud save feature.
– Choose from a variety of custom battle styles by combining your choice of horizontal or vertical layouts and small or large characters.
– Enjoy over 30 hours of storyline gameplay and endless online play.

Dragon’s Blade II is also compatible with low memory Windows Phones, such as the Lumia 610.

– Added guild labels to online chat.
– Ocean water is now animated.
– Online stability improved.
– Compare button added when viewing items.

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Download Xap : Dragon’s Blade II FX v1.0.1.6 – Windows Phone Xap

Download Xap : Dragon’s Blade II FX v1.0.1.0 – Windows Phone Xap

Download Xap : Dragon’s Blade II FX v1.0.0.7 – Windows Phone Xap

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