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Dungeon Stalker 2 v1.5.5.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Dungeon Stalker 2 v1.5.5.0 – Windows Phone Xap

** New in 1.5.5
+ Added hints images to show the basic commands functions
+ Added ‘Equip’ button to items details. You can use it instead of normal drag&drop.
+ Fixed town recall item duping exploit
+ “Impenetrable” skill should now calculate parry bonus correctly
+ Buff spells are slightly more effective
+ Fixed Strength typos


After many years since the death of the Dragon Queen, a new menace casts its dark shadow over the land. A mysterious evil tyrant, called Overlord, is now ruling trough bloodshed and fear.

Once again, a hero is needed. An indomitable spirit, a master of swords, an arcane forces adept who can rise to be our savior. Will you be that hero?

Get ready to enter a fully 3D real-time world of dungeons, monsters, devious characters and magic places where only the strongest will survive.

– Beautiful first person 3D graphics
– Real-time melee combat with dual wield!
– Touch based spell casting now including area spells and DOTs
– Level up your character and customize it choosing from more than 20 skills
– Many levels with different graphics, enemies and riddles
– Hundreds of weapons with full socket personalization
– NPC interaction with quest driven story
– Meet and kill the Overlord, and get ready to unfold the full plot!

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Download Xap : Dungeon Stalker 2 v1.5.5.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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