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Eagerly Awaited Windows Phone Is Actually an Android

NuAns is one of the companies that invested in Windows phones when only a few people believed in the platform, and although its first device wasn’t really super-successful, everyone was excited to hear that a new handset powered by Windows would be launched.

The firm teased a new model only a few weeks ago, saying that “the fight is not over yet,†a motto that seems to perfectly align with what is happening with Windows phones these days.

And yet, Windows phone fans might be disappointed to hear that NuAns is no longer investing in Windows 10 Mobile, and the company’s teased device is actually running Android. Although that’s indeed bad news, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise given the fact that the platform is losing the support of developers, users, and even Microsoft, who remains tight-lipped on the future of the platform.

The new so-called NuAns Neo Reloaded is thus an Android device that comes with mid-range s… (read more)

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