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Easy Shopping v2.2.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap


Easy Shopping v2.2.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

-Add setting for automatic deletion of in cart products after 24 hours
-Minor fixes
-You can now export and import the product list in excel!
-You can select the Theme (light or dark)
-You can change the initial view and the sort of products in shopping list (check settings)

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EasyShopping allows you to create your shopping list in an easy and simple way using also voice commands, and more importantly with EasyShopping you can list your items in the right order (!),
To plan your shopping you’ll start from a table, split in categories, where you can find approximately 300 products. Adding more products to the table is very easy, and there is no limitation to the products you can add. (you can export the list in excel, modify it and after you can import it)
EasyShopping allows you to manage the order of products and find your favorite store together with the products location inside the store (first there are fruit, then vegetables, sausages …)
When you add products to the shopping list, they are automatically ordered in your list accordingly to the way you find them in the store. Have you ever been in the middle of your shopping and remembered you forgot a product that was at right at the store’s entrance? It won’t happen again! You will not even need to check and recheck the list to see if you took everything or if you forgot something, EasyShopping does it for you.
You can create and update your list easily, choosing the products by name or by category or using voice commands. In addition you can select the right quantity and add notes. Of course you can also create multiple lists.
You can easily order the list depending on the store where you are in, send it (always sorted) by email, or pin to the start menu.
You can make backups of your database on SkyDrive, and you can also share the database or the single list with another person that use Easy Shopping

Download Link : Easy Shopping v2.2.0.0 – Windows Phone Xap

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