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Favoz V3.2.762.1631 – Windows Phone xap


Favoz V3.2.762.1631 – Windows Phone xap

Favoz 3.0 – Favoz reborn!

Complete new design. 50% code was rewritten for speed and smoothness. Most anticipated features were added, and a code was rotten clean instead.

+ View the Advanced panel.

‘Normal-mode’ is finally supported the Dashboard view. You can see the text messages and multimedia messages together into a single timeline. Normal-mode provides you almost same experience with the service Tumblr real. And the performance of the infinite-scrolling now become a standard of ‘Super Smooth’. Moreover, the ‘Scroll Buttons’ was added to the panel view, so you can advance to the next post, or back to the previous post by touch.

Favoz windows phone xap (2)

+ Advanced Features for offline environment.

Favoz was offline capable. Even if you can not catch the wave radio to your cell phone, you can still access the data in cache is stored on your phone. Of course, you can operate ‘new message’, ‘reblog’ and ‘like!’ in offline mode.

+ Smooth loading operation.

When you post a new article or reblog / like, the transmission of data to the server Tumblr Favoz being run asynchronously as a background task. You do not need to wait until the next operation data transmission to be done.

Re-built Vista page.

The main view has recently been implemented. It was designed as a Windows Phone Panorama View. It provides quick access to your dashboard and blogs as well as Blos “follow” and feature the ‘Tag Search’. Enjoy customized wallpaper with your favorite picture!

+ Improved cross-posting accounts.

If you are using multiple Tumblr accounts, you can select the destination account and blog when you make a new post or reblog.

Download Link : Favoz V3.2.762.1631 – Windows Phone xap

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