Windows Phone application although internal use may be much more importantly it allows us installations Custom ROM after unlocking the bootloader on our L625. At this mainly to focus. The necessary file. – Windows Phone Internal – available on the author’s website (the latest version is 1.1) –


– Original ROM – is the basis on which unlocks bootloader and on which we will upload Custom Rom (will be administered in the subject custom Rom
– Emergency Flash Loaders – for L625

Emergency Flash Loaders

– Engineering SBL3 (optional) – if we want to have access to mass storage mode –

Engineering SBL3

1. Unlock the bootloader

  • We have already uploaded the original ROM
  • Now we run WP internals and choose like in the above screenshot

    – The same as the original uploaded earlier ROM (read it each partition allocations)
    – already unzipped the downloaded folder with Emergency Flash Loaders (application dials the same for us from the available folder)
    – suitable for our model of bin file SBL3

  • After selecting we continue and look forward to the completion of the whole procedure
Remember: if it pops up a prompt to format it will never accept. thus you erase the bootloader of your phone and you can not fix it.

2. Install Custom Rom-in (after unlocking the matter is very simple)

  • custom rom downloaded as a zip file, select and confirm the process.
  • at the end of the process we can not but confirm the success of the whole exercise and enjoy wgranym new rom-I.