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Foroplex – Windows Phone XAP

Foroplex Windows Phone APP XAP

Foroplex – Windows Phone XAP

Foroplex is a forum client for Tapatalk enabled forums.

Foroplex has for version support these features:

– Add new forums (pending Tapatalk official approval to search into Tapatalk Network)
– Save your forum profiles in free Foroplex server account (user passwords are not stored in our servers). With this feature you can share your foroplex profile between diferent devices and foroplex versions. This Foroplex account also is your Foroplex support forum account.
– Read forums, topics and post
– Create new topics/posts
– Attach photos from camera roll or directly from device camera
– Reply/Quote posts
– Search forum contents
– Subscribe/Unsubscribe topics
– Like/Unlike post and view users likes
– Thanks post and view users thanks
– Report post
– Show unread topics/post and mark all as readed
– View if topic/post author is online
– More features in each update…
– Only for WP8: Speech recognition in new post screen. You can dictate to the telephone your post.

Update full changelog at

Note: these features may vary from forum to forum and depends on forum configuration and user permissions.

You can view more info on features added in each update and get support at


Download Links: Foroplex – Windows Phone XAP


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