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Funny Faces v1.7.0.0 – Windows Phone XAP

Funny Faces v1.7.0.0 - Windows Phone XAP

Funny Faces v1.7.0.0 – Windows Phone XAP

Get a new dimension of what you see and how people look through your phone’s camera with real-time Augmented Reality. Save or share those moments directly on Facebook and Twitter. It’s fast, it’s easy and a ton of fun. Augmented Reality, the funny way. This is the original Windows Phone face detection fun app. Often been copied, but never reached.
The app uses the phone’s camera to automatically detect faces which are overlaid in real-time with a funny mask, an afro, a mustache, a pacifier, shades, a space helmet, a hat or even  the head of a monkey, Chuck Norris, the Troll or Rage face and more. The overlays can be combined resulting in more than 200 possible modifications! Multiple faces are also detected and the front facing camera is supported too.
Everything is done in real-time only with the data from your phone’s camera.  It’s also possible to open an existing picture from the pictures hub to apply the face detection and augmentation. You can save a snapshot of the augmented scene to the phone’s pictures hub and send it via email or share it directly on Facebook and Twitter from within the app.
Funny Faces supports the landscape and portrait orientation. It works with all cameras and doesn’t require a front-facing camera. Funny Faces has a great user experience, is very responsive and let’s you focus on your fun.
★★★★★ “Funny Faces is a bomb app! Great work
★★★★★ “My friends get a chuckle out of it.”
★★★★★ “Awesome app.”
The trial version has a couple of overlays enabled and even the share and save functionality can be tested once.
We will provide more overlays and effects with subsequent updates. Please send us your suggestions and we are also happy to help you if you encounter problems. Please provide your feedback via the app’s integrated functionality since it’s not possible to reply to Marketplace reviews.
Have fun!
Changes v1.7
+Added Bunny Ears overlay
+Lower opacity when overlay is manually adjusted
+Front Facing
+ingBug fixes and



Download Links: Funny Faces v1.7.0.0 – Windows Phone XAP

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