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[Guide] Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – Full Achievement Guide


Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – Full Achievement Guide

Below is the list of achievements and how to get them completed.

Achievements on the list:

   Dark Wings Dark Wings 10 G
Glide 300 meters gliding 300 meters went to the top of Wayne Tower, the highest place, it is easy achievement
   Going Up continue to rise 10 G
Reach 90 meters in height reaches 90 m height above the bottom
   Higher Ground aloft 10 G
Use the Grapnel Gun 30 times 30 times trial grapple gun
   Close Combat Expert Melee Expert 10 G
Defeat 20 melee enemies to defeat 20 enemies melee
   Bulletproof Bulletproof Bat Bat 15 G
Defeat 15 ranged enemies to defeat 15 enemies remotely using Batarangs against snipers, can be completed with one of the following achievements
   Tech Master Technology Masters 10 G
Defeat 10 enemies using gadgets to defeat 10 enemies using accessories with bats dart, slowly
   Silent Predator Predator silence 5 G
Perform 5 Silent Knockouts completed five times quietly raid went behind the enemy not to be found, you can raid
   Experienced experience 10 G
Reach level 5 characters to upgrade to 5
   Helping Hand Helping Hand 5 G
Assist the Police 1 time supporting police a second success story
   Innocents’ Protector protector of the innocent 10 G
Help 10 Civilians help 10 city name to get this achievement is relatively small, and we may not know which clearance is to help the city name. Clearance and select Chapter 1, Mission 2 this off to rescue the hostages, repeat play you can basically play three times on it

   Bomb Defuser Bomb demolition experts 5 G
Defuse 15 bombs dismantling 15 bombs
   Juggernaut dominate the world 10 G
Defeat 100 enemies to defeat 100 enemies
   Revolutionary Revolution 15 G
Get all Bane Graffiti collectibles collecting all Bain graffiti graffiti to technology shop you can buy a map, a one take, some relatively high, if not glide past, to the task of the aircraft can be used bat that one and then use Bat aircraft opened in the past
   Avid Reader avid bookworm 5 G
Get all Police Criminal Records collectibles collecting all criminal police criminal records to technology store you can buy all the records of the map, slowly collecting it
   Scientific Breakthrough technological breakthroughs 10 G
Get all WayneTech Blueprints collectibles collecting all Wayne blueprint to technology blueprint shop you can buy all the maps, collect it slowly
   Cheating Death suspended animation 15 G
Defeat Bane Bane beat most enough for a task is very simple
   Locked and Loaded targeted finished filling orders 10 G
Get all Character upgrades all the roles had to upgrade the most time consuming achievements! Role in science and technology will need to store all the skills in all upgrades! Then some of the skills needed to 50 to unlock, personal recommendations clearance, brush the final hurdle, which is to play off Bain, basic 4-5 minutes a clearance, customs clearance 1000 Experience, 100 points. 3-4 times pre-fight can rise one, post it up a nearly 10 times in order to, in particular 40 to rise to 50, simply suffering ah, come slowly. Finally to the 50 you will find enough points to upgrade, no way, or brush the final hurdle, once 100 points. After my brush to 50, and the last one off the brush brush no fewer than 20 times before gather points!

   Picking Up the Scent smells knowledge trace 10 G
Defeat Bane’s 1st Captain beat the first commander of Bain story Achievements
   One Step Closer to further 15 G
Defeat Bane’s 2nd Captain Bain’s second commander beat story achievements
   The Bigger They Are huge them 15 G
Defeat Bane’s 3rd Captain Bain’s third defeat commander plot Achievement


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