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[GUIDE] Interop Unlock for Windows 10 Mobile + All Capabilities


Interop Unlock for Windows 10 Mobile + All Capabilities

Now the First Interop Unlock hack for W10M is now available. It’s currently limited to LUMIA/SAMSUNG phones, although we’re trying to extend it to other OEM Device, of course. (It requires specific Driver/Services to “RUN” into “SYSTEM” Privileges. Hence, other OEM Device is lack of these. I.e HTC/Micromax etc. etc.)

Windows Phone allows a number of high-privilege app capabilities, which can be used to make changes to the OS which are normally not possible for a third-party Applications.
The limitation on whether we can use these capabilities or not is based on what “level” of developer unlock the phone has.
ON WP7/8/8.1
Standard “ISV” (Independent Software Vendor) Dev Unlock (max 10 apps or less) is what pretty much everybody gets.
OEMs, however, get a special OEM Developer Unlock (300 apps or more) which gives them the ability to use much higher-privilege app capabilities than the standard ISV unlock permits. The name comes from ID_CAP_INTEROPSERVICES, the capability which was most important in WP7/WP8/8.1.
However, there are a great many interesting capabilities. Note that Interop-unlock by itself does not enable all of these. However, at least on Lumia/Samsung phones, it is now possible to enable *all* the capabilities.

The instructions are as follows:

1. Turn “ON” Developer Unlock Mode. (Go to Settings> Update & Security> For Developers)
2. Download Root Tool.xap” from Here & Deploy it

Now we Recommended u use Vcreg tool to get all capabilities:
For Lumia:
Open “vcReg” Tool.
Hit the Application Bar and select “Templates”.
Here will see two options, Interop/Capability Unlock and “Full File System” Access through the MTP Protocol.
Check your options, and click “Apply”.
You are Done !

Using Custom registry editor trick:
Go to Device Specific Registry Editor Tool.
Write default values.

(For Lumia)

(For Samsung)

Preventing Unlock:

Unlocking NEW Capability Engine:

Write these values:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftSecurityMana gerAuthorizationRulesCapabilitycapabilityRule_D evUnlock] “CapabilityClass”=”capabilityClass_DevUnlock_Inter nal”
“PrincipalClass”=”principalClass_DevUnlock_Interna l”


Via : XDA

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  1. has un tutorial en video,,, no le entiendo bien a este escrito

  2. does it works for lumia 630?
    cuz i’ve been trying it for so long..and the .xap which u are telling u to deploy aren’t getting deployed into my phone
    i’m using w10.
    Please Help me!

  3. If i do full cap unlock in windows 10 mobile, then i rollback to wp8.1, it’s still unlocked? Cause there isn’t any more a way to unlock wp 8.1

  4. Can I use it on windows phone 8.1

  5. I can’t deploy XAPs to my WP10. XAP deployer won’t work and WinAppDeployCmd only deploys APPX… Help please

  6. admin whether i have to deploy Vcreg tool by app deployment tool or using root tool.xap

  7. plese help to instal v reg without SD card need some more info

  8. What will be I able to do once I interlop unlock my phone

  9. how to install XAP in this mode?

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