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[Guide] Interop Unlocking your Windows Phone with a microSD card


Interop Unlocking your Windows Phone with a microSD card

You probably remember the our guide to install homebrew apps that require special permits , such as customized screens block. Found the solution, began a race to find as many mod and tweak as much as possible , testing permits that the various app first and second parts – respectively those Microsoft and the OEM. Test one of these applications can be quite cumbersome, since the procedure is long and it’s easy to run into some errors that affect the achievement of the purpose.

For this we created  CustomWPSystem , an app that simplifies and summarizes in a single screen at the beginning of the tutorial linked article that, among other things, makes you more independent from the PC for many operations.


NOTE 1 | For app objective are those in which Microsoft or OEM engage the homebrew app.

NOTE 2 | Here you will find the most complete guide to jailbreak Windows Phone and a list of tutorials that take advantage of the various types of Microsoft’s mobile OS release to customize it. We recommend reading before and after the application of the following procedure.

The requirements are:

  • Having a slot for MicroSD (and a MicroSD inserted).
  • The app CustomWPSystem downloaded from the link at the bottom of the article (to install it will need at least developers unlock ): install it in the phone memory , as there may be permission problems if installed on your MicroSD.
  • The objective app installed on your MicroSD (you can move it with the app sensor memory).
  • The XAP be grafted; we remind you that you can not engage any XAP, but only those developed specificallyto go to replace the lens.

The following guide applies to version 0.6 of CustomWPSystem (the next updates of the app could change the functions):

  1. First you have to give permission to the app , to do this touch the red button “SD Card permissions”, then the SD card and then the check in the bottom bar. You notice how the button will turn green.
    It is not necessary to activate “Unhide WPSystem”
  2. Select the app objective ;in this version it includes four:
    • Live Lock Screen beta
      is necessary to apply custom lockscreen not published officially in the Windows Phone Store (for now, in fact, developers can not publish lockscreen in the Store).
    • Glance Background beta
      With this app you can get permission to change some OEM keys in the registry. Most likely you will also create app to expand the functionality of the screen Glance.
    • Preview For Developers
      This app is, at the time, one that allows more permits editing the registry.
    • Field Medic
      This app has been included for experimental purposes: there are currently no homebrew apps that take advantage of its permissions.
    • Extra info and
      maybe the app with several premises of the phone, allows you to enter more deeply into the operating system.
  3. If you have not done before, with the button Download from Store , you can download the app objective: you’ll have to install it on the SD card (check that the option is set in sensor memory).
  4. Button  Select the XAP  will open a File Picker (the file manager system) from which you must select the XAP to be grafted.
  5. Before grafting, we recommend pinnare (if possible) the app on the Start menu , since it can happen that the app target is removed from the list of apps.
  6. Press Apply XAP  to start: a dedicated screen will show the progress of the procedure. A popup will warn you about any errors or The fact that the engagement of the app. CustomWPSystem does not close by itself at the end of the procedure: if it were to close, something went wrong.
  7. You can then open the app engaged (you will notice that the name of the app will target, but the tile of homebrew XAP).

In the above video we show the procedure for release of Windows Phone with the developer account , the ‘installation of CustomWPSystem el ‘ graft CustomPFD in Preview for developers (CustomPFD app is editor of the registry; guides that leverage to customize Windows Phone are listed in this page ).

Before concluding, here are the questions and answers frequently asked:

  • Q: The app aim to crash on launch.
  • A: Most likely the XAP’s start was not developed specifically for quell’app.
  • Q: All the app installed on MicroSD not open more and show a gray tile.
  • A: Using a file manager, go to the folder D: WPSystem and renamed appsx in apps . If you can not visulizzare WPSystem the folder, use the button Unhide WPSystem .
  • Q: I get an error access denied or similar.
  • A: Close all apps installed on the microSD, installe CustomWPSystem internal memory (not on MicroSD), do a soft reset of the phone, so make sure that the button SD Card permissions is green and not red.
  • D: From XDA unloading a .ZIP file containing several files instead of one file .xap; what should I do?
  • A: No problem, rename the file in .ZIP .xap. The app still supports the .ZIP file (if .xap renamed otherwise, of course).
  • Q: I tried on my Lumia 920 but does not work, why?
  • A: As stated many times, you need a MicroSD card. In the future you will be able to obtain these permissions on all phones? Difficult.
  • Q: I would like to restore the target app, you can?
  • A: Just uninstall the app and re-download from the Store target. This solution is valid even if the app does not start anymore. The app Extra info and, instead, can not be restored by the system.
  • Q: The app objective has disappeared from the list of applications, but the Store sees as installed. What to do?
  • A: Uninstall and reinstall the app from the sensor memory.

Download | CustomWPSystem

Source : windowsblogitalia

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  1. whenever i try to apply vc bootstrip app from app it gives me a MSG “” the operation didn’t complete successfully….maybe the app cant get permission or there some problems during extracting files and i have already gives him permission by selecting sd card…

  2. Extras -info is not supported by my phone is there any other way to interop unlock my phone is micromax win 121 windows phone 8.1 pls help me I why I am not getting any help from the devs pls help me I want to unlock my win 121 micromax

  3. I have done all the above things but I can not see any changes to my device is interop unlocking means only replacing store apps with the other ones I can not set the registry hack to install unlimited xaps after doing the above thinngs also pls help me

  4. Works with unlocked Lumia 635 on Cricket running Windows 8.1

  5. Works perfect in my Lumia 535 Dual Sim..Thanks to Windowsphonehub and Windowsphoneitalia..

  6. CustomWPSystem itself couldn’t interop unlock your smartphone. Its just replace target app with homebrew one. And there is no homebrew app that allows your to unlock WP capabilities on Lumia smartphones. CustomPFD is just a registry reader, it could write only useless unprotected registry values. And btw interopservices capability is also useless on Lumia smartphones.

    • What is the features of interop unlocking??What can i after interop unlock??How can i check that my lumia interop unlocked or not ??

  7. It’s for Windows phone 8.1 or not ??i have dev unlocked Lumia 535 DS . can i interop unlock lumia 535 dual sim ??

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