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Hand Of God v1.1.1.5 – Windows Phone Xap


Hand Of God v1.1.1.5 – Windows Phone Xap

New Fixed Xap

Save us from the fire!!!
Because of a volcano erupts several buildings go up in flames and people started jumping out of windows.
Take the role of God and save the people before they hit the ground.

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Beautiful graphics and sound.
Dynamic day and night system.
Survival and time mode.
Entertaining and challenging gameplay that will keep you coming back for even higher scores.


* “there are lots of lovingly crafted touches here, from the fire engine animations to the ever-encroaching flames on the buildings, to the way the time of day changes from black/night, complete with photorealistic moon and stars to bright sun/daytime.”

* “Despite the macabre scenario, this is about as fun as casual gaming gets and kudos to the developer…”

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New Fixed Xap : Hand Of God v1.1.1.5 – Windows Phone Xap

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