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Student unlock concept became especially important after the news about hacking games on Windows Phone 8. But experience has shown that many are not correct or not complete representation of the procedure. In this article we will discuss the main issues of student unlockers .

1. What is the student unlock ?

Student unlock – this Account Application Developer for Windows Phone. This account gives you access to the ability to install cracked games on your phone is not from Market, and through the computer through Windows Phone SDK. To get an unlock, you must register the developer account to unlock the phone with a special application.

2. Well, what is Windows Phone SDK?

Windows Phone SDK, this suite of applications for developing applications for Windows Phone.From all SDK you will only use Developer Registration and Application Deployment.

3. How is the student unlock?

You connect the phone to your computer, unlocks the screen. Then start the application Developer Registration. Press Regitster. If the application reports that the error in the text of the error is listed service Windows Phone Ip over USB, go to Control Panel – Administrative – Services looking for with Windows Phone Ip over USB, turn, back.

Push the button again Register. Please remember that the phone must be unlocked and connected.When clicked Register, enter the account information of the student unlock – username and password. After this is completed successfully unlock, the phone is ready for game.

4. What kind of account?

This is the account that is listed in the list of accounts developer Microsoft. How to get, you can read here .

5. Do I need to do on the phone hard reset your phone and install a new account?

No. Account only need to unlock the device. In other words, when you register the phone in the database Microsoft makes notes that on the phone with your IMEI can install applications through the Windows Phone SDK and the corresponding mark is on the phone.

6. Do I have to enter each time data account when installing the game on another computer?

No. Registration is done once and for all, before the first hard reseta. When did the check, you can already install with the SDK on any device.

7. How does unlock my device? Slitaet a guarantee from the student unlock?

No. Unlock does not affect the file system or on the phone warranty.

8. How many applications can be set with the student unlock?

From 1 to 10. Similarly, we can not say. Someone only two installed. We have, for example, set all 10. But more than 10 can not be installed, will get an error during installation. The problem is more fully described in paragraph 18 .

9. How to install applications on the student unlock?

Open Application Deployment, select Target – Device, and then select the downloaded XAP-file and click Deploy. At this time, the phone must be removed from the block and connected to the computer. Wait until you see XAP Deployment Complete.

10. When installing get the error “Error deployment.” What to do?

Install XAP-file using a utility Windows Phone Power Tools. In games that are only installed this utility we make the appropriate notation.

11. I can not make an account for the student unlock. Is there somewhere ready accounts?

Sure. We are happy to provide such records. Registering only one device worth 104 rubles with our accounts. 

12. How many devices can be registered on one account Developer Windows Phone?

Only three devices. If you have a developer account, it found that three smartphones to unlock additional devices need to create a new account.

13. Student unlock it at all legally?

Absolutely. This system was thought up by the same Microsoft.

14. I have Windows 7. How to install Windows Phone 8 SDK on Windows 7?

Very simple. To install the Windows Phone SDK 8 on Windows 7, you need to download individual files optimized for Windows 7. 

15. I have Windows 8 32-bit. How to install Windows Phone 8 SDK for Windows 8 32-bit?

As simple as Windows 7. But in this case you will need to install the SDK 8 Lite. More detail with reference to the files  here .

16. Will I be able to access the file system and the registry after the student unlock?

No. Student unlock allows only install applications on the phone through the computer. On the smartphone’s file system and does not affect, therefore can not provide access to the FS or register.The only exception is Samsung ATIV S.

17. Whether it is possible through the SDK to install games and applications that I downloaded from the web version of the store?

No. These files are only suitable for installation via SD-card and still have to pay for the installation, if the game is paid.

Should you have any questions, ask them here, we will gladly provide you with answers.

18. I can only install two applications, although the manual says that you can TEN. What’s wrong?

You just simply have not completed until the end of unlock. This can happen due to several reasons. Your carelessness, reading incomplete instructions on other resources in the network and so on. Just unlock could fly from time to time (yes, there was a situation itself). To solve your problem, you must go to  and rebind to the developer account.

If you still have any questions. Please use our contact form to write to us.


  1. How to get link the game on store files origina?

  2. How to get link the game on store files origina?

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  8. Hello. I’m pretty sure you’ve already explained all this above but I’m having a very difficult time understanding.
    Please answer these questions for me.
    1. I found your site looking for ram patched games for 512 mb. So in order to be able to play those games I need to unlock my phone?
    2. The phone is brand new with a year’s warranty. Are you sure that unlocking it will not void my warranty?
    3. Is it safe to unlock my phone? I generally don’t like to mess around with things that I don’t understand.
    Thank you so much for replying.

  9. Hey! Thanks for the FAQs. Question – Can one install ten apps, delete them, and install another ten apps? Or is this a situation where the user can install up to ten apps once and that is it?

  10. I have an unlocked phone. Does installing apps in the way u have described do any harm to my mobile? By unlocked means no carrier restrictions.

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