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Highlights From the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2016

Highlights From the Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2016

Microsoft Edge Summit 2016 is live from San Fransisco, You can stream it from here. Microsoft isshowing of new features and providing developers inputs on how Edge can be much better than any other browser.  Below are the Highlights from the Event.Microsoft is releasing a new virtual machine with the latest version of the Edge pre installed, This will help to test  websites & help web developers perform web testing without any download.

Microsoft Announces RemoteEdge To Help Web Developers

Microsoft announced RemoteEdge, a new service similar to the already available RemoteIE. RemoteEdge is based on Azure and the new HTML5 based client offers great experience for developers. RemoteEdge service will be available later this month.

Edge Issue Tracker and Edge Platform Data

In the Event, Microsoft announced Edge Issue Tracker and Edge Platform Data for Edge Browser improvements. Microsoft Edge Issue Tracker allows developers to submit bug reports on Microsoft Edge or HTML, search for existing bugs and help Edge engineers to be able to fix the issues. Additionally, Microsoft also announced a new Platform Data site where users can know more about API usage (especially Global CSS property usage) :

Internet-scale data is a powerful tool to understand what properties are important to the real web, and what APIs are interoperable across browsers. Now you can access the same data we use to plan the future of the web platform and use it to inform your own development.

You can find the Edge Issue Tracker here, and the Edge Platform Data here.

Edge Web Notifications Will Be Integrated into Windows 10 Action Center

At the Web Summit, Microsoft has announced that Web notifications From Edge will be integrated into Windows 10 Action Center.


As you can see in the screenshot above, websites can also have their own custom icons, titles and messages for these notifications.

Post will be updated as we gather more info from the summit.

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