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Hitman GO: Definitive Edition-A brilliant adaptation of the Hitman series

Watch out, because Agent 47 is back. After a good quality multiplatform episode that lifted the veil on a more human aspect of his personality, he’s back on PC. This is a game of strategy and infiltration where you have to wait for your target without being noticed by the guards. In the style of a board game, the Hitman series succeeds brilliantly with a subtle and addictive game.

Hitman with a turn-based strategy and great aesthetic

With Hitman GO: Definitive Edition, Square Enix have taken the risk of moving away from the usual gameplay of the series. It’s proven to be a winning bet, as the direction taken by the developer creates a great tactical turn-based strategy game.

In each level, you’ll move Agent 47 on a game board trying to reach your goal without being seen. You move one space each turn as the guards will follow a predefined path (which you should carefully observe). It’s a very good game system, which soon resembles a puzzle as the difficulty increases.

Clean and clinical

From the development point of view, Hitman GO is clean. The developers have opted to give the app a very successful ‘board game’ look. The characters and settings have a beautiful design and, while the stripped back look was original designed for mobile devices, it looks fantastic on larger screens.

In each level, the optional targets (pick up a briefcase, complete with a time limit, or complete without killing) will let you collect more points, which you’ll then use to unlock additional levels. Not all levels will be accessible from the beginning though; you must earn enough points to unlock them.

A very successful mobile adaptation of the Hitman series

It speaks to the success of this mobile game’s design that Agent 47 has done a complete loop around back to PC with Hitman GO: Definitive Edition. The system, designed to easily bring the franchise to mobile, manages to use puzzle and turn-based strategy elements that are completely in-keeping with the iconic Hitman action.

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