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How to backup Windows Phone 8.1 ROM before its too late?


How to backup Windows Phone 8.1 ROM before its too late?

Microsoft has effectively forced you onto Windows 10 Mobile and you wanted to revert to 8,1 after all. And, when you try, you find that the 8.1 ROMs are no longer available online since Microsoft has updated its official recovery tool to point to the new W10M firmware.

Of course, this is all being a little negative – we don’t know yet exactly how vigorously and persistently the official over-the-air rollout and subsequent firmware revisions will happen. But, in light of my feature about devices with lesser capabilities and older processors being best left on Windows Phone 8.1, these instructions are perhaps worth acting on – just in case!

From the Reddit post:

Sure today as of right now you can flash your phone back to 8.1, but once the line has been crossed you are pretty much forced to stay on Windows 10 Mobile, and any attempts to reflash will just turn the phone back to W10M again. So what can you do? Before its too late, simply follow my instructions below!

  • Step 1: Download Windows Device Recovery Tool
  • Step 2: Launch the software, insert the USB cable from computer to your phone. A few seconds later your phone should appear on the list. When the phone appears, simply click on it to proceed.
  • Step 3: Click the “Reinstall software” option. The software will download the ROM first from the Microsoft server BEFORE flashing your phone. This is how you will capture the image.
  • Step 4: Disconnect the USB cable after it begins downloading the ROM. This is necessary to prevent the tool from wiping away your CURRENT settings. The idea here is to allow the software to detect the phone so you can push ROM to machine, then YANK the USB cable after the fact.
  • Step 5: Navigate to C:ProgramDataMicrosoftPackagesProducts. Right-click on RM-XXX and save it your preferred storage device.

The full article then goes on to explain how to use an offline flashing tool to restore this archived firmware to a Windows Phone, all without regard to what Microsoft is up to.

So yes, a little belt and braces – and I do think that, for most devices, Windows 10 Mobile is a step forward overall.

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  1. useful tips

    Search and download Lumia ROM’s

    Windows Phone Image Designer flash tool

    Turn off your Lumia device.
    Press and hold the power button to start your Lumia device.
    When your Lumia device starts, it displays the Microsoft or Nokia logo. At this instant, release the power button, then press and hold the volume up button. This step should be done quickly.
    After a few seconds, an image composed of a white lightning and a white gear wheel appear on the screen of your Lumia device. At this instant, release the volume up button.
    Access to the ..LumiaFlashToolsWPID directory. Execute the Start.bat file.
    The Windows Phone Image Designer window appears and also two batch windows (don’t close it, otherwise it will result in also close the software). Select the Flash a Windows Phone image onto your phone option, and click on the Next button.
    As you have connected your Lumia device in Microsoft FFU Download Mode at your PC, the software should detect it as x.MSMx.x.x.x where the differents x are variable in according on the connected Lumia device. If your Lumia device hasn’t been automatically detected by the software, you can click on the refresh button. Then click on the Change button.
    The superimposed windows Open appears. Since this window, access to the ..LumiaFlashToolsNaviFirm+Fw59xxxx directory (where the different x are variable in according on the downloaded ROM). Select then the FFU file that you previously downloaded, and click on the Open button.
    Click on the Flash button. The software then proceeds at flash, in your Lumia device, of the ROM that you previously selected.
    A few minutes later, the installation process terminates. The software indicates then that the ROM you selected has been installed in your Lumia device.
    Your Lumia device should restart automatically, integrating then the ROM that you just flash him. You can then disconnect him from your PC.
    Connect your Lumia device at your PC, this one should simply detect it.

    • nice instructions and will come in handy. question i have tho is will this be able to remove the carrier boot logo on devices too? waiting on att to send sim unlock code but after i wanna get rid of the logo. if helps im interop unlocked too. or maybe help me by telling me where could locate the logo myself so can replace with something better?

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