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How to Download Original Xap & Appx on PC for Offline Installation on Phone?

How to Download Original Xap & Appx Files directly on PC for Offline Installation on Phone?

When Microsoft rolled out windows 10 universal Store, the last updated section was taken away & the ability to download appx or xap to pc was no longer available. This is one feature that should have stayed because it indicates if the app developer was serious towards it, and if somebody should their time, bandwidth, and money ( if paid) on it. Take it or leave it, without having last updated date only hurts the store, than helping it.

Now, we have a very handy tool which helps yo to find this hidden date & download original appx and xap directly on pc for manual installation. A windows developer built a site on his own service which can pull the last updated data from the store, provided you give it the URL of the app directly. The apps which work both on Phone, and Mobile can be checked instantly.  WMPU also reports that for the apps which are available on both PC and Mobile, it will show the result for the most recent one.

Another advantage of using this app is that it lets you download the file from store, which you can install directly on the phone. All you will need is to copy the file to phone, and then Tap to install. 

Instructions :

  • First go to the store, open an app which you want to enquire.
  • Copy the link.
  • Next open Winphonehub App downloader on browser & Paste the Store URL of the required app and hit submit button.
  • Now u can download the file.
  • Rename it to ***.appx and copy to sd and install via phone file manager.


These are the details you get to see :

  • App name:
  • Current version:
  • Last updated on:
  • First published on:

Via wmpu

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  1. can i download pay apps, and then get install on my phone? thx

  2. thank you soo much this works good

  3. Same problem here :/

  4. ezmox,
    try to install from market -> local apps

  5. from this method appx file can installed easily but xap shows error in window 10 technical preview

  6. How to install xap file it shows error
    Appx or appxbundle install easily

  7. i do this steps but when i download any app and rename it to ***.appx and copy to my phone it can’t install why my phone lumia 930

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