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How to manually install apps on your Windows 10 Mobile Devices (Sideload)


How to manually install apps on your Windows 10 Mobile Devices (Sideload)

On Windows Phone 8.1, we had been doing this. Getting the appx files from the web, transfer that to SD Card, and then find it, install it from the store. This was very helpful, especially in countries like India where there are not much FREE WIFI hotspots and people are bound to rely on slow 2G/3G networks and the service providers working hard to raise the hikes. Add to this, the store would prompt you to connect to a WI-FI connection before you even think to download a heavy app/game like Asphalt 8:airborne.

Well, now Windows 10 Mobile is here. This was supposed to ease things a bit by removing the WIFI restriction and allow downloads over normal mobile data. It did so. You can now download apps/games on your mobile data. But has it helped anyway? I doubt. Getting the appx file from the web had an added advantage. We could share it among friends and colleagues. But with Windows 10, things have become complicated, there is no possible way to download the app “manually” from the store and install it. At the same time, the manual install/sideload experience has been refined.
So, how do you actually get the appx files? There is an un-official way to get them. More on this later.
If you own a Windows 10 Mobile device, you are good to go. Follow these steps in order to get your device ready.
  • Head to Settings > Update & Recovery and tap on “For Developers
  • You will find three options here. Choose the second one which lets you sideload apps from other sources.
  • Next, transfer/copy the appx file of the app to your Phone/SD Card storage.
  • Browse to the file via File Explorer, tap on the file and it will throw an install prompt.
  • If you really want to give it a try, tap Install else tap cancel.
  • If all goes well, you will find the app under the app list under 20 sec.
To get the appx files, head to our main page. From there, you can download the most-popular apps and games.
Give this a try and let us know, whether you could successfully install the apps on your phone, in the comments below. I would really like to hear from you.

Please note, this is just a workaround or an unofficial method. If anything doesn’t work well, don’t blame us.

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  1. appx+installed+.+but+when+i+lunch+it+.+app+exit+by+it+self+.

  2. Found this post and tried to install paid apps, minecraft. Same as what Dream described above, the apps close after the logo was shown. Any updates on the progress since the discussion on January?

  3. Hello sir, I am having this problem installing it using Windows 10 deployment tool
    I downloaded the appx but the CMD is show error saying

    error 0x800B0100: The app bundle must be digitally signed for signature validation.

    Is there something I must do first? thanks

  4. How to install cracked xap on WP 10? One tutorial with Visual Studio 2015?

  5. I do not see the point of this possibility. Is not it easier to install everything from the store?

  6. This not working for me.

  7. Can’t install anything :S

    I go into fileexplorer after do the Sileload thing.

    But i press install it just minimize.. i waited like 10 minutes and nothing happend… This happend with GTA, Minecraft didnt even appear Install, 2 other games nothing after Install.

  8. Hey Sir..I just tried that with some free applications, like Castle Clash, and it worked well..but when I tried to install an application that is not free on the store, like Minecraft-Pocket Edition..well, it installed..but when I tried to open it..the app launched…the logo appeared..and after that it just closed.

    • Yes, the paid apps close to me but the free apps working well. :/

    • Yes paid appx crash, we are working on a a new trick to sign apps so it wont crash. But as-usual you can install patched appx from our site using app deployment tool. (W10M Requires visual studio 2015 update 2)

      • Well..I don’t have visual studio 2015 update 2..I just installed Windows 8.1 SDK and I use that deployment works perfectly..except some appx, that as you said, are not working.

    • Not open it. Go in Store and scan apps for update. Update apps which you installed and after update try open apps which I installed.

      • This is not working on patched gives you an error of the certificate..or something like that..but like the @Winphonehub said..they are working on a new trick to sign I don’t have to worry..neither you.

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