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Instagram tricks to use it on a professional level


Instagram tricks to use it on a professional level

While we wait for the official Instagram-client for Windows Phone, which was announced at Nokia World, here are some tips on how to use Instagram to its fullest and most efficient way.

1. Turn on the grid “square”

Instagram lets you publish photos only in the ratio of 1:1. You should take this into account shooting pictures. If you are photographing on Nokia Camera, go to settings – a grid – a square. This will allow you to better compose the picture and avoid problems during publishing.

2. Use the app-editors

People love to Instagram Filter preferably. Applications that can now publish photos to Instagram a set of filters and other editing features (6tag and Instance) but do not limit yourself to these. Download additional editors or applications for the camera – Fhotoroom or Camera360. The more applications, the more opportunities to make your picture beautiful and unique. But do not go too far.

3. Use hashtags

Your photo can be a hell of a beautiful but if you do not use hashtags, no one will see it. Instagram allows you to insert up to 30 hashtags into a single photo. Photographed dog? # Instadog, # dogsitting, # dogstagram and these dog tags with the word help you. But not # # use # hashtags # # in the description. Leave the description of normal and hashtags to add comments. This is more efficient. If you do not know what tags to use, the application will help you Tagram .

4. Add geolocation data

Users love the photos that are fixed on the map, use the reference to the map and you will have more views and likes.

5. Be Active

One of the most important points. Actively put huskies, comment and subscribe. When replying to someone else’s comments do not forget to include the name of the user as @ user or it will not be notified of a reply to a comment and, therefore, will not see your comment.

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