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How to Install Nokia Procam on any WP8 device


How to Install Nokia Procam on any WP8 device

After installing the GDR2 update on my Nokia Lumia 521 yesterday, I got a little curious. We have all heard of the Fiddler hack and how to use it to install carrier dependent or brand dependent apps onto all Windows Phone 8 devices. Since Nokia Pro cam requires the GDR2 update, I was unable to test this until yesterday and just as I expected it worked!!

I had some difficulties with Fiddler myself but now thanks to the guys over at the Xda-forums, we can now do this simply without setting going through the hassle to setup fiddler. To install Go to the Settings and set the Wi-fi proxy to this:

Port: 8888
Country/Region: USA

You can turn off proxy to speed up once download is started.

Everything in market is install-able (only if apps doesn’t support your phone’s resolution), if you see ‘not compatible’, try 3 seconds later with lucky until success.

Step by step instruction.

1. Make sure that your phone runs Windows Phone GD2 (Lumia Amber). To check the firmware version, go to Settings, and then click on Extras+info. If that doesn’t say Lumia Amber, hit ‘Back’, and click on ‘Phone Update’. Last time I checked, the Amber update was live for Nokia Lumia 920, 820, and 620. Those who own 520 and 720 can flash their phone with the latest firmware. However, we advise you to wait, as it’s just a matter of weeks before Nokia starts seeding the update.


2. Go to Windows Phone Store, click on ‘Apps from Nokia’ just to make sure that Nokia hasn’t officially released the Pro Cam for your phone. Alternatively, you can press the ‘Search’ button to start ‘Bing’, and then click on the ‘Eye’ icon at the bottom to fire up ‘Bing Vision’. Simply point it at the barcode generated below.

If it’s showing the install button, go ahead with it by all means. Those not so lucky, greeted with an error message shall continue with step number 3.


3. Connect to a Wi-Fi network, head over to ‘Settings’. Turn on ‘Proxy’, and enter “” in ‘Server’ and “8888” in ‘Port’. Don’t forget to click on the check mark.


4. In ‘Date+time’ select any American state. For instance, we selected Arizona. Change the phone’s ‘Language+region’ settings to ‘United States’, and hit ‘Restart’. After booting the phone, turn Off the ‘Location’ service, just to be on the safe side.


5. Go to Store, and look for Pro Cam again, as shown in Step 2. Now you’ll get the ‘Install’ option, but the download process will interrupt within a second. Now, keep this window open. Press Home, go to ‘Settings’, click on the active Wi-Fi connection, and turn off the ‘Proxy’.


6. Press and hold the ‘Back’ button to see the list of recently opened apps. Select the window representing the interrupted download process, and hit ‘Retry’. Depending upon your connection speed, the Pro Cam app will take a minute or two to download and install.


7. Now that the Pro Cam has been installed, revert the Language+region and Date+time settings to normal. While all the Pro Cam features work fine, just don’t expect the final output to be as good as what you get on the 920, 925 and 1020. Finally, happy snapping.



  • Install ‘SysApp Pusher’ before using the proxy, then you should be able to install all OEM apps.
  • If you see the ‘not compatible’ message, try 3 seconds later until the app is installed.
  • Can’t install apps on devices that don’t meet the minimum RAM and resolution requirement
  • If you receive the 8000ffff error,  just cancel the download, return to the app detail page and retry.


If you still receive the 8000ffff error, Use the steps below:

  • Cancel the install,
  • turn off proxy
  • sync your live account
  • Without re-enable the proxy
  • Go to the app’s download page and click install.

If that doesn’t work try:

  • Turn off Proxy
  • Sync your live account
  • Without re-enabling the proxy, right click on attention needed and click on retry


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  1. Have you tested this after GDR3?

  2. I cant use my internet when I switch on my proxy

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