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Install Windows Phone 8 SDK on Windows 7 64bit for Developer Unlock & App Loading


Install Windows Phone 8 SDK on Windows 7 64bit for Developer Unlock & App Loading

This is will show you how to install windows phone 8 sdk on windows 7 64bit machines which helps you to install on deploy xap to windows phone using deployment tools without the need for windows 8 PC.

Here are the instructions (I will update with more specifics as needed):

1. You must be using a 64-bit windows 7 machine (MUST be a 64-bit processor and windows 7 OS)
2. You must also have a registered developer account (for registering the phone)
3. Update your computer’s bios and chipset….restart as needed.
4. Plug in your windows phone via USB and be sure that windows installs the appropriate drivers AUTOMATICALLY for the phone (most of you have probably set the computer not to automatically install drivers using windows…you can disable this later)
5. Download and install Zune software, .net framework 4.5, visual studio 2013 preview…….restart your computer as needed.
6. Find an .iso of the WP8 SDK (pir****ay has a torrent floating around of this somewhere). A packaged .rar will also do.
7. Once downloaded (either an .iso or .rar of the SDK), unpackage the contents into a folder of your choosing
8. Find and run WPSDK_en.msi (will be in an SDK8 directory)….you can use windows search in the folder you’ve extracted the files into
9. A bunch of errors about creating a shortcut will appear when you run the file…ignore them and continue.
10. Find and run MobileTools_WPImages_enu.msi (should be in WPImages directory)
11. Find and run WPSDK_en.msi (this will be in the SDK7.1 directory…….if you use windows search there will only be two files with this name, the first one being the file you ran before in the SDK8 directory, and the one you will run now from the SDK7 directory)
12. Find and run Start MobileTools_WPImages_enu.msi (this will be in the WPImages directory)
13. Restart your computer
14. Make sure your phone is plugged into the computer via USB
15. Run Windows Phone Developer Registration program and proceed to register your phone

If you receive errors about the phone not being recognized when you attempt registration, you are most certainly running into problems with your computer recognizing the all the drivers for your phone. Review step 4, and update drivers until all are recognized by windows (you will see green check marks next to drivers associated with your phone). Note: ‘Windows Phone IP over USB Transport’ is the most crucial driver to have installed.

You can install applications using Application Deployment or Windows Phone Power tools.

Source – XDA Forums

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