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[Interop] AdBlocker For Windows Phone 8.1 & Windows 10 Mobile


AdBlocker For Windows Phone 8.1 & Windows 10 Mobile

It is very simple, download the app from the attachments and install it using Windows Phone Power Tools or the use the deployer built into the SDK.

Then run it and then select “Update Hosts File” Then wait.

Boom it has blocked ads for you! Enjoy

There is also a feature to disable ad blocking.

Please please please let us know how this works for you and what model phone you have, but this should work on any Lumia WP8.x Phone.

Download AdBlocker For Windows Phone

From : sandix via XDA

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  1. It did not work for my on Lumia 640 XL W10….

  2. i get error 0x81030120 when i try to deploy , does not work for me on 586.3 version

  3. I wrote this app, and was taken from my post:

    The latest update works on W10M.

  4. Jonathan Lumia 1520

    Error downloading host file 2 and 3

  5. Sorry,
    How to access “C:Windowssystem32DRIVERSETCHOSTS (you need Full FS access)”?

  6. Right now it only works on Windows Phone 8.1, and even then it doesn’t copy all the Hosts Files. However, you can manually try replacing it. I’ll give you a modified HOSTS Files, copy it in C:Windowssystem32DRIVERSETCHOSTS (you need Full FS access).

    Download files from here (there is a detailed instruction file as well);


    P.S: This works even if you’re only developer unlocked.

  7. Maybe doesnt work on me W10 Mobile. Install using power tools. Launch and it come blank screen with an envelope logo at the center. Awaiting for your fix.

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