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[Interop] Guide to Interop-Unlock Huawei Ascend W1


Guide to Interop-Unlock Huawei Ascend W1

Huawei Ascend W1 was the first device on Windows Phone 8, which hackers managed to hack . Nevertheless, long instruction has not been published on the Internet. Today Russian hacker shared instructions on how to get the Interop-unlock for Windows Phone-smartphone from Huawei.

Now, users of this device which are confident in their abilities and hacking abilities can reflash your device and discover the wide expanses of Interop-Unlock. For example, users can do registry tweaks, add a third row of tiles on the home screen, install a custom theme color, full access to the device’s file system, and more. We remind you that this procedure is extremely risky for your device. If you make a mistake or do something wrong, there is a good chance to kill your smartphone. User already published on our forum.

Windows Phone 8 long resisted the onslaught of hackers. After Huawei Ascend W1  successfully hacked device was Samsung ATIV S, User unlock which was immediately posted on the Internet. Also on Chinese resource was announced Lumia-unlock for smartphones, but instruction is still beyond the unknown. Later joined hacked devices Samsung ATIV Odyssey Interop Unlock . Want to make Interop-Unlock for Huawei Ascend W1? User is on the way.

Follow  the same procedure as samsung unlock which can be found here

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