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Interop unlock using vcREG: Lumia Reg Editor (live/perm interop unlocking , full fs access) SD req'd


Interop unlock using vcREG: Lumia Reg Editor (live/perm interop unlocking , full fs access) SD req’d

vcREG is a lumia registry editor that can access the registry as SYSTEM,so you can use it to capability unlock your locked and stock lumia or do other registry tweaks. Unfortunately, an SD card is required to bootstrap the app. It has been tested on quite a few devices, from a 520 to a 1520.
this tool uses low level RPC to gain access to the registry in a mostly unrestricted manner. it doesn’t rely on any third party code or libraries, its purely using windows functions. i’ve implemented reading and writing of Strings, Multistrings, DWORD and BINARY. Since capability unlocking can be tedious to do manually in a reg editor, ive created templates in the app that apply a predefined set of registry entries. So far, there are 2 templates in the app, with more to come. The first one is interop/capability unlock which unlocks all capabilities on the phone and adds some other ones i found poking around in manifest files. The second one is full FS access through MTP. I plan to add a .reg file importer hopefully in the next version if there arent too many bugs.

if you are already unlocked using the other method recently released, you can just sideload vcREG_1_1_SIDELOAD.xap, and use the app as a registry editor,or use its other functions from the all apps list.

if you are not already unlocked, you can follow the following instructions. here we will use the SD card trick to load the app in place of “extras+info”, and once we load the app, we will fire off the capability unlock. Once the phone is unlocked, we can restore our extras+info back, and sideload vcREG_1_1_SIDELOAD.xap so it shows up normally in the apps list instead of settings.

files you will need to have

– CustomWPSystem_0600.xap, you can grab it from Here or here

Download –  vcREG_1_1_BOOTSTRAP.xap

1.If extras+info is already installed, set your date 100 years ahead, and try to open Extras+Info from settings. It will give you a popup and let you uninstall it, so uninstall it. Now that you’ve uninstalled it, go back and change your date back to the current date.

2.Deploy CustomWPSystem 0.6 to phone memory from your PC. make sure it doesnt install to sd card but on the phone(settings->storage sense->store new apps on my phone).

3.Copy vcREG_1_1_BOOTSTRAP.xap to the root of your sd card. DO NOT DEPLOY OR INSTALL IT,just simply place this file there

4.Go to settings->storage sense->store new apps on my SD CARD. Now all app installs will go to sd card.

5.Open CustomWPSystem

6.Click the red SD Card permissions button, tap “sd card” then hit the check mark. The red button will now be green if everything went smoothly.

7.Under “select target app”, choose “Extra & info”, then click download from store. It will take you to the windows store page for “extras+info”. Hit install, and when its done installing, click back a few times to go back to CustomWPSystem the way it was.

8.tap “select the xap” and the filepicker will come up. tap “sd card”, then tap “vcREG_1_1_BOOTSTRAP.xap”

9.tap “Apply XAP”.

10.When the operation completes, go to settings and scroll down. You will see an entry that looks like this “D:WPSystemApps{2377fe1b…”, click it, and vcREG should open.


now that the app is open, you want to unlock all capabilities. hit the app bar, and tap “templates”. here we see two options, interop/caps unlock, and full fs access through MTP. check your options, and click apply. Once completed, you can remove the app and put extras+info back, and then you can sideload vcREG_1_1_SIDELOAD.xap to use the app normally from the all apps list.

After applying the full fs access template, you need to reboot before the access is granted. be careful not to brick your device by playing with the wrong files. the windows folder is wide open,so be wise.


the main registry editor is pretty straightforward. put the correct path, the key name and value if its a write.

string: it will read as one string. writing is the same,write a string, no spaces, hit write

multistring: multiple strings are read as strings separated by spaces. to write multiple strings, separate each string by a space, hit write.

dword: it will read as 8 characters of ascii. so a value of 1 will read as 00000001. writing is the same. you MUST write 8 characters or it wont write it,so a 1 is 00000001 and B0000 is 000B0000. all bytes are hex, not decimal.

binary: when you read, the app will return 20 bytes, regardless of how long the binary is. if the whole binary sequence is 11 22 33, it will read as 112233 and then 17 00s. the reason for this is that there isnt a method to know how long the binary sequence is,so i hardcoded it to read 20. even if its longer than 20 bytes, you will only get 20 bytes back. i can up the limit at a later time if its something people need.

writing binary is also limited to a max of 20 bytes. if you are writing less than 20 bytes though, dont put the extra zeroes. if you are writing 4 bytes such as 11 22 33 44, then simply write it like this 11223344(no spaces) then hit write.


just try to deploy dummy.xap that’s attached below with wp power tools,and it will fail, but at the same time it will delete the app from the phone. now you can install extras+info again from the store


no. if you hard reset, you will revert back to the stock rom and any changes you made to the registry will be lost. you will have to make the changes again after a hard reset. file system changes, especially in the windows folder can persist though.

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  1. Could someone for f*** sake, fix this tutorial?
    I tried doing this using Preview for Developers and everything works until step 9.
    CustomWPSystem tells me everything went fine but when I go to settings, there’s no such thing as an entry named D:WPSystemApps{2377fe1b… nor there’s an app in the apps list.

  2. use windows phone application deployment8.1 to deploy apps by download and installing windows phone sdk lite

  3. How can i deploy a app if already locked. Not getting the 2nd step. Please advise

  4. i have microsoft lumia 435 i have been uodated to windows 10 developer unlocked extras & info is not installing on sdcard how to install it on sdcard or send extras & info older version link but it must be able to deploy

  5. Bro please help.. i have lumia 630 and i m unable to install extras e info on sd card ..please help..

  6. Hey, first of all, thanks for all of that, though unfortunately it doesn’t work, at least for me, anymore.
    I’ve tried to apply the xap on the the other apps, like the Preview for Developers, but then the app can’t be started anymore.
    Any ideas?

  7. I installed Custom WP and preview for developers what’s next?
    Please clearly explain step wise to install?
    Installing Extras+info to SD card isn’t working….
    So i request to make a set of instructions to interop unlock my lumia 520

  8. This method is not working anymore. (Lumia 530) Extra & Info can’t be move to SD card using storage sense.

  9. This method is not working anymore. (Lumia 730) Extra & Info can’t be move to SD card using storage sense.

  10. It is not working anymore. Make a new way please.

  11. Somebody help please….as the extras&info is no more able to install on sd card. Is there any way around ? i tried with Insider app as well but no use :(.

    Thanks in advance

  12. while trying to install Extras & info from CustomWP…its telling like “this app can’t be installed to an sd card”…Please help

  13. I have tried to uninstall extras & info by skipping the date 100 years ahead.but it shows nothing.then i uninstalled extras & info by deploying dummy.xap..and under select target app i selected extras & info and clicked on download from the store but in the store it says this app no longer microsoft support center for help…whaT SHOULD i do?????

    • if you have win 10 downgrade to win 8.1 and try again same proces,it worked for me. But i have same problem to install extras+info on sd card

  14. stuck on step 9, unsuccesfull…

  15. Cannot install on T-Mobile lumia 640 LTE. Step 9 shows uncessfull process

  16. i have tried the above method but when i click on the templates its nothing opening like in the iabove images and while opening the app it shows error initializing. check if you have correct permissions (ID-CAP-INTEROPSERVICES). REGISTRY FUNCTIONS DISABLED HOW TO SOLVE THIS

  17. I can’t install this:

    I’ve get this notification: Sorry, accessories + information is no longer available. Help search on page

  18. why I cant stay interoped after I hard reset my lumia, I checked Full FS and Permanent and then I restart my phone, and I try to hard reset my phone, and then I unlock with dev registration, I still cant deploy VC Reg Sideload which mean I am not interoped right?
    Please Help…. :(
    Lumia 520

  19. please help me after installing the vcREG_1_1_BOOTSTRAP.xap from customwpsystem then i opened D:WPSystemApps{2377fe1b…”, and templates/interop/capability unlock given tick and applied it shows complete after i dont understood how to remove vcREG_1_1_BOOTSTRAP.xap and install extra+info
    I am using lumia 720. Even after setting the date to 100+ years, “D:WPSystemApps{2377fe1b…” doesn’t respond. Even my device is not detected in my pc

  20. CustomWPSystem.xap

    Working Link… Download From here:-

  21. Jonathan Lumia 1520

    Im om wm10 and i am permanently unlock.. Thnks to wp8hub. Follow the step properly. I even hard reset 5 times for trying until i find auccess.

  22. how to install CustomWPSystem 0.6 i mean from step 2
    i removed extras and info bt i am unable to install it.plz help.

  23. Hey guys, Today I successfully interop unlocked my Lumia 520 with SD Trick… Everything Worked Fine. Installed WPTweaker app and after doing some tweaks my settings app page get randomized, I mean The “language, ease of access, about etc…” options are on top of the settings page and the mobile + data , lock screen, start theme etc. are at the bottom in the settings page… I am getting very confused at settings page. Tried some tweakings but nothing seemed work. I really dont want to flash or reset my phone again….

    So help me if there any way to fix it…

    Thanks in Adv. Sry for bad english….

    • bro please help me after installing the vcREG_1_1_BOOTSTRAP.xap from customwpsystem then i opened D:WPSystemApps{2377fe1b…”, and templates/interop/capability unlock given tick and applied it shows complete after i dont understood how to remove vcREG_1_1_BOOTSTRAP.xap and install extra+info please help me and please tell me what to do next

  24. When I click ,Apply Xap, the app crashes and extra info remains same in setting… What to do?
    Successfully installed extra info on sd card.but still app crashes on Apply Xap. Using l520 rm914

  25. What is difference Permanenet and Live

  26. Whats the difference between Live Interop/Capa Unlock and Permanent Interop/Capa unlock?

  27. Lumia 535 dual sim dev unlocked..

  28. Unable to install Extras+info on sd card after uninstalling and i also selected new apps to sd card…in app store it shows attention required…

  29. too bad..interop doesnt work on generic WPs’

    Cherry Mobile Alpha Luxe user here :((

  30. If I use Preview for developers … will it work??

  31. Hi!

    I made the steps described above but when I run CustomWPSystem the “select target app” is yellow and has no action. What is wrong?

    Microsoft Lumia 525



  32. Hi, I have a problem… when i hit “apply XAP” the “CustomWPSystem” app just kicks me back to start screen… any idea what im doing wrong here, i followed instructions step by step and everything worked fine untill i clicked “apply XAP”…

    tnx in advance

  33. The “extras + info” app is unavailable for 530? I can’t install it.

  34. What funcion of this tools?
    Newbie here

  35. Is there a tool that allows to install xap without pc? (With interop caps of course)

  36. I tried this on my Nokia Lumia 520 after a Hard reset, but everytime CustomWPSystem tells me: Cannot create a file when that file already exists. (Expection from HRESULT:0x800700B7)

    • u need to uninstall extras n info first…pls read the steps properly

      • I have uninstalled extras & info, installled it to the my sd-card and wanted to replace the app with CustomWPSystem

        I think i followed the steps properly

  37. Jonathan Aplansius

    Im on windows mobile 10. Developer unlock. Can i use this method for other registry tweaks? Bootstrap.xap is a sideload.xap?

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