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Jack Of Tools Pro v2.5.1.0 – Windows Phone XAP

Jack of tools windows phone xap

Jack Of Tools Pro v2.5.1.0 – Windows Phone XAP

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Jack of Tools Pro makes your phone into a virtual tool belt. Want to know exactly where you are? Ever wonder how fast that roller coaster ride really is? How high are you? Or maybe you just want to get that desk level.  Jack of Tools Pro includes an LED flashlight, compass, geographic camera, virtual level, your Earthly coordinates, your altitude, your speed and heading (including average and maximum speed markers), base distance, and a sound meter.

Additional features include the ability to post your current location, current speed, average, and maximum, store, find, and share up to 50 locations, “see-through” compass mode, reverse geocoding of current location and bases, current altitude history graph with maximum and minimum, and speed history graph with maximum and average.

Jack of Tools Pro includes options to keep your phone from going idle while you use it (Continue on Idle) and allows you to control the sampling if you want to adjust accuracy vs. responsiveness.  Selectable Metric or US Standard units as well as UTM.  Optional compass reading as Magnetic or True Heading.
NOTE:  Flashlight does not work with phones that have a charging flash such as the HTC Mozart. Compass does not work on phones that do not have compass functionality such as the HTC Radar and Dell Venue Pro.

Update v2.0:
– Faster start up
– More tool space
– Real-time tiles
– Direct-to-tool secondary tiles
– Tiles screen supports landscape
– Chinese translation
– Much more
Update v1.5:
– Added LED Flashlight.
– Geo. Cam. can capture HD (new setting)
Update v1.4:
– Added dB sound meter.
– Focus reticle in Geo. Cam.
– Header now hidden when camera button pressed all the way without first focusing.
Update v1.3:
– Localized Live Tiles
– Fixed bug pinning Compass and Velocity tiles.

Windows Market

Download Links : Jack Of Tools Pro v2.5.1.0 – Windows Phone XAP 

Download Links : Jack Of Tools Pro v2.3.1.0 – Windows Phone XAP 

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