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Jailbreaking Windows Phone

Jailbreaking is the method to unlock and install XAP files onto a Windows Phone device from a PC. This is known as sideloading Apps. By default, windows phone only allow app to be installed from the marketplace after verifying the purchase history from your account. Unlocked phones however bypass this check.

Types of unlocking

  • Developer Unlock: This allows third-party/cracked applications to be sideloaded onto the device. Max 10 apps can remain installed at a time on the phone. Student unlock is a developer unlock made for students. It has a limit of 3 apps.
  • Interop Unlock: This allows better access to the device, including areas Microsoft has locked down. Registry editors, file explorers, etc., require this.
  • Rooting: This allows higher privileges to be granted to applications. This is possible on devices with custom ROMs, or interop unlock. Dynamic Background and Lock Widgets require this.
  • Full Unlock: This allows native EXEs to be run on the device. This includes things such as the DFT Bluetooth file transfer application.

What do I do?

If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, you have several methods available for jailbreaking depending upon phone model in addition to developer unlock. Windows Phone 8 device however can only be unlocked with a developer/student developer unlock.

Devices and Status

Samsung 1st generation (Focus, Omnia 7)

Samsung 2nd generation (Omnia W, Focus S, etc)

LG Devices

HTC 1st Generation

HTC 2nd Generation (Radar, Titan)


All Windows Phone 8

  • No jailbreaks apart from developer/student developer unlock

Incase your phone model is not listed, or you have a windows phone 8 device, the only available free option to you is student developer unlock. Follow this guide to unlock your phone. This guide explains each step including creating a fake .edu id which is required for student verification.

After you unlock your phone, you are free to install cracked apps/games from our site.


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